It’s possible to sometimes have your yard messed up with fallen trees. This could be after a heavy storm that brings down one of the trees around you or after a tree removal process.

Most tree service companies offer tree clean-up services to get rid of fallen or removed trees that are currently a mess up your yard. However, it doesn’t come as a free service.

Tree clean-up service may be required as a result of fallen trees, storm damage, and broken branches.

Tree Clean Up Services

If a tree has fallen in your yard, either by accident or through deliberate tree removal or trimming, you may be at crossroads on how to get rid of the debris.

You’ll have to get the remaining branches and body of the tree cut up into more manageable pieces, the sheer volume of the debris could be overwhelming. The available disposal options to consider are highlighted below:

Chip it up

Chipping up a felled tree is a great way to not only remove the mess but upcycle your landscaping. Wood chipping services will get rid of the debris but also get free much for your landscaping. If the volume of the mulch is more than what you need, you’re going to need to give it away, sell it off, or store it until you need to use more of it.

Pay a service to haul it away

The average homeowner chooses this option for several reasons, the first being it’s not as labor-intensive as any of the other options. It’s also more costly, but again, likely worth it because you won’t have to lift a finger to do anything but make a phone call.

An example of such a service is hiring a yard Dumpster. Yard dumpsters are designed to handle yard waste, such as shrubs, grass, and manageable pieces of wood. These units range from 10 to 40 yards, and they are usually of the roll-off variety.

The national average cost to rent a dumpster is $540. The cost can be as low as $150 to as low as $1,815 depending on the size and other factors.

Make a burn pile for tree debris

Burn pile is another tree clean-up approach that can come to the rescue. However, there are safety concerns with this issue. You need to ensure that the designated burn zone is far from areas that can easily catch fire. It should also be done at a time when the weather and environment are not conducive for the flames to get out of control. The most important part of this is to verify to be sure that burn piles are legal in your neighborhood.

To prepare for unforeseen accidents, you need to ensure the availability of fire hydrants nearby in case the burn gets out of control.

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Storm damage tree clean-up

Most emergency tree falls are due to damage by storms. You need to stay safe during such occurrences and keep your pets safe as well. When the storm has passed it’s time to assess the situation and take prompt action, especially if there are emergencies.

Storm damage tree clean up

Inspect the tree damage

Large fallen branches, a split tree trunk, or a broken tree top may pose safety risks. If there are trees down on your property or power lines, you may need to jump into action. The first thing you need to do is check to ensure that your tree hasn’t pulled down any power lines.

If it has, you should call your utility company immediately. Next is to check if there is any property damage that should be covered by your homeowners’ insurance.

Pick up the tree debris that you can

After assessing the damage and making the right calls, you’ll want to clear up what you can. You may try to pick up small twigs, leaves, and similar debris that has fallen out of place. If you plan to do the cleanup yourself, you can proceed to clean up smaller, damaged branches that are within reach.

The leaves can be composted and worked into the soil to improve the surrounding trees and landscaping. As for the branches and twigs, they make excellent firewood. You can check with your local township to see if they will be interested in turning the large branches into wood chips.

Clear all dangerous debris

It’s important to make safety a priority since storm damage might always lead to different safety hazards. Be sure to clean up any broken pieces of glass from windows, doors, bird feeders, and other lawn ornaments. If possible, also clear debris from the road and walkways. Always wear your protective gear when necessary.

Hire a tree service company

Storm clean-up may be overwhelming if you’re trying to do it yourself. There is so much you can handle on your own. It’s recommended that you reach out to a professional for damages that you can’t handle to ensure your safety. Even if it will cost you some money, it will be a safer and faster option for your tree clean-up.

Should you hire a professional for your tree clean-up?

Hiring a professional to do your tree cleanup has several benefits, especially if the tree has fallen by accident.

A tree service company will be in the best position to remove any trees, limbs, or branches that are posing a threat to surrounding structures. Such structures could be buildings or utility lines.

In addition to this, you can use the opportunity to have the company assess the health of the remaining trees and get recommendations on how to maintain and improve their health.

The professional company will take care of your tree debris so you don’t have branches left lying on the ground and do the job quickly and safely.

Should you hire a professional for your tree clean up
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