Tree health assessments are needed for mature trees that are 20 + years old. This is to keep an eye on their overall health, vigor, structural integrity, and their Safe and Useful Life Expectancy.

The main concern of aging trees is the safety of the community. Next up is the overall health then the look of the tree.

Experts who take care of diverse types of woody plants and trees are known as arborists. They are normally classified as either certified or consulting arborists.

Certified arborists are usually recommended for planting, transplanting, pruning, monitoring insect treatment, disease treatment, fertilizing, and removing trees.

Consulting arborists are normally suitable for tree diagnosis, treatment advice, appraisal, and service recommendation.

Who does tree health assessments

How much does a health assessment cost?

The cost of assessing the health of a tree largely depends on a wide range of factors which include purpose, needs, and expected results. On average, it costs between $40 and $450 to effectively assess the health of a tree.

It is mostly free in cases where one only wants to know whether his or her tree should be cut down or not.

How often should trees be checked?

Arborists generally recommend that trees to be expertly assessed in three-year intervals. There are however circumstances such as heavy storms, prolonged droughts, and health deterioration that should prompt a tree inspection.

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How is the health of a tree assessed?

Assessing a tree’s leaf appearance is an excellent way of determining its health status1. One should check whether the shade of the leaf’s color matches the prevailing season.

Evergreen leaves mostly appear in summer and springtime, with their yellow and orange counterparts coming out during winter. Healthy trees are also known to produce regularly shaped and well-sized leaves.

Does it include a risk assessment?

Tree health assessments can only include risk assessments2 at the request of the owner.

Whereas a health assessment is usually done to find out the health condition of a tree, a risk assessment is normally carried out when looking to determine the potential danger posed by the tree.