Tree limb removal falls under tree trimming and the cost will depend on the size of the tree and the number of branches being removed.

The average cost of a single tree limb removal is $120. The prices range from $75 right up to $250. Removing very large limbs from huge trees can cost more.

Most people get a few limbs off their tree removed at a time, so if you want to price for tree trimming, you should read our cost guide.

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Average tree limb removal cost

Limb sizeLowHigh
Small 2” - 4”$35$195
Medium 4” - 6”$190$370
Large 6” - 12 “$450$1,200

Average Limb removal cost


Cost of broken tree limb removal

Removing broken tree limbs that have come down in a storm will cost about the same as removing an attached limb. The average price will be $253.

The arborist will still need to scale the tree and tidy up the wound where the limb has snapped off.

For pricing, you can refer to the above examples for small, medium, and large limb removal costs.

broken limb in tree example
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