The cost of removing a tree varies depending on its size and how difficult or time-consuming it is to take down.

The average tree removal cost is $1,265, with the real range being $425 for a small tree and right up to $7,900 for a very large tree.

Tree removal is not charged per hour but by the job, so be sure to get at least three estimates from local qualified arborists to secure a better deal on tree removal services near you. Hourly rate tree services should be avoided as the average cost will be higher.

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Tree Removal Cost by Size

Small tree removal

The average cost to remove a small tree ranges from $265 – $595 including stump removal and debris removal. I would classify a small tree as being 5 – 15 feet tall. Get quotes before proceeding as small trees sometimes require more work than larger ones, due to location or complexity. You may need to consider removing obstacles to reduce costs before you remove a tree.

Nore that anything smaller than 5ft is considered a shrub and should be removed by a gardener, not an arborist or tree service.

Examples of small trees include:

  • Crepe Myrtle
  • Flowering Dogwood
  • Franklin Tree
  • Lemon tree
  • Magnolia
  • Japanese Maple

Medium tree

A medium trees will cost you between $595 and $980 including tree stump removal. When you plan to remove a medium size tree, Some factors that affect price are the location in your yard and access may vary price slightly. A medium tree can be defined as a tree 15 – 25 feet tall.

Examples of medium tree removal:

  • Cypress
  • Liquidamber
  • American Holly
  • Date Palm

Large tree removal cost

Larger trees obviously cost more for removal due to the large amounts of foliage and timber that need to be removed. Larger trees cost on average $3,150 but can range from $1,100 and $3,800. A large tree is any tree that is 25 – 60 feet tall. The cost to remove can be greatly reduced if good access is granted especially for complex jobs like an oak tree, fallen tree or dead tree removal.

Examples of large trees include:

  • Eucalyptus sp.
  • Radiata Pine
  • Oak Tree
  • Cottonwood
  • Bald Cypress
  • American elm

X-Large tree cost

Extra-large trees are a little less common in suburbia and can be defined as any tree that is taller than 60 feet tall. Some of them range right up to 100 feet tall.

The cost to remove a 100ft tree will range between $4,800 and $7,750 for complete including tree stump removal. Large trees can come with a hefty cost based on the sheer amount of timber needed to remove by contractors.

Examples of extra-large trees include:

  • Giant Sequoia
  • Mountain Ash
  • Spruce
  • Noble Fir tree
  • Sugar gum
  • White Pine

Note: After getting a tree removed, stump grinding is recommended as it’s always cheaper on the day depending on the size. In some cases, you can get free stump grinding worked into the price if you drive a hard bargain. It may cost more to cut down your tree first, then have them make a separate trip later. Dead trees and pine trees also seem to cost a little more for stump grinding.

Tree removal cost per foot

Tree removal costs an average of $24 – $63 per foot. This is based on the average height of the tree is 30 feet tall. We have broken this down further for you by the size of the tree. Trees can range from 30 feet to 60 feet and removal prices per foot will vary with height and spread.

SizeHeightAverage cost
SmallUp to 15 ft.$225 – $500
Medium15 – 25 ft.$500 – $900
Large25 – 60 ft. $900 – $2500
Extra Large60 – 120 ft $2500 – $4500

Average Tree Removal Costs by Species

Other than the height of the tree and the location/ access, the species of trees play a major role. Each tree has its own characteristics which lend themselves to price changes. Think of Oak tree removal with its huge long branches vs. a Palm tree which is essentially a tree trunk with a few leaves at the top.

Please see the table below for the average price of trees by type.

Tree TypeCharacteristicsAverage cost
Sycamore85’ tall with multiple trunks each 15” and weighing 4.2 tons in total$1,800
Eucalyptus80’ tall with a single leader trunk with multiple large branches weighing 3.8 tons$2,050
Oak60’ tall with 30” trunk and long thick branches weighing on average 4.6 tons$2,300
Pine70’ tall with 20” single trunk and very small branches weighing 2 tons$1,800
Palm80’ tall with single 12” trunk and fronds at the top of the tree weighing 2 tons$720
Date palm60’ tall with single 50” trunk and large fronds at the tip weighing 4 tons$1,490
Maple45’ tall with single main leader trunk and small bushy branches weighing 1.5 tons$520
Spruce65’ tall single 11” trunk with small branches weighing 2.5 tons$950
Conifer50’ tall with single 6” trunk and small bushy branches weighing 1 ton$550
Cottonwood40’ tall with short base trunk 50” diameter and several leaders weighing 3.2 tons$1,150

Sycamore tree

The average cost to remove a Sycamore tree is $1,800. This price is based on the average mature size of a Sycamore tree is 85 feet tall with multiple trunks each 15” and weighing 4.2 tons in total. You can save on sycamore tree removal by granting better access to the tree removal company to the tree. Tree services don’t charge per hour, so ensure you get 3 free quotes before proceeding to endure the best price.


Based on the average Eucalyptus tree being 80 feet tall with a single leader tree trunk and multiple large branches, the average cost to cut it down is $2,050. Eucalyptus trees are some of the densest timber on the planet, weighing up to 1 ton per cubic meter of wood.

Oak tree

The average cost to cut down an oak tree 60’ tall with a 30” trunk is $2,300 (medium-sized). Oak trees are known for their long thick branches that can grow out over your home and power line. Because of this, it is particularly cumbersome to remove an oak tree and it will take more time if you want to remove it.

They also yield a large amount of timber and have an average weight in excess of 3 tons. Some companies do log splitting to sell timber in the winter so they may give you a small discount, but not much. After they have removed the tree, log splitting also takes time and costs them money, so it is a secondary business for them.


Pine tree will cost you $1,600 on average to remove. There are many types of time trees, but on average, they grow to 70 feet tall with a 20” single trunk and very small branches. They are easy to work on in confined spaces as their branches have a small spread.

Palm tree

A Palm tree will grow to 70 feet tall with a single 12” trunk, as seen with the iconic palms lining the streets in Beverly Hills. $720 is the average to remove a palm tree if there is good access for an Elevated work platform. The weight per tree can top 2 tons due to the large amount of water stored by palm in their trunk.

Maple trees

Maple tree removal cost ranges between $520 and $890. They are quite light timber and don’t grow all that tall topping out at 45 feet tall. With a single main leader trunk and very small light branches, these trees are a breeze to remove, and the price of removing a tree reflects that.

Spruce tree

Spruce grows to 65 feet tall. With a single 11” trunk with small branches. To cut a Spruce tree down customers pay $950 on average. They are very similar to your average pine tree in that they are quite easy to deal with in confined spaces.


The average is 40 feet tall. tall Cottonwood tree will cost $1,150 to remove. Traditionally with a short base trunk 50 inches in diameter, then several second-order branches growing off that, these trees can be time-consuming to remove trees. If you can give the tree service good access to the tree for heavy machinery, you can save money.


Hiring a professional tree service for poplar tree removal will cost, on average, $1,890. How much you can expect to pay will depend on the size of the tree and its location. Any Poplar tree between 30 and 60 feet with a range between $1,200 and $3,200 to cut on and have hauled away. You can ask them to leave the wood chips to save on hauling costs.

Please also visit our home page for more links to articles about tree removal costs by size and species.

Cost to Cut Down a Tree

What’s the difference? The cost to cut down a tree is cheaper than the cost of fully removing a tree. The removal of the tree and debris from the property is the most expensive and time-consuming part.

The cost to cut down or drop a tree and leave it on your land depends on many factors but starts at $445 and ranges right up to $7,900.

It’s not always as easy as just cutting the tree from the base, it would also include climbing a more difficult tree or using heavy equipment like crane-assisted tree removal.

CharacteristicsAverage cost
National Average$1,265
Min. Cost$445
Max. Cost$7,900
Real Average Range$445 - $7,900

Tree Removal Case Studies

Cost of cutting down a Magnolia

Estimated height: 12ft. tall

Botanical name: Magnolia grandiflora

This is quite a small job and would not take a tree company more than 1 hour to complete from arrival to pulling away in their truck. It is in the front yard with easy access and not many obstacles. This tree will cost $340 – $550 to remove.


Video of example

Estimated heights: 10 – 15ft. tall

Trees: Sycamore, Magnolia, Date Palm

In this video, I talk you through the first three examples listed above. There is a bit more information on why the prices are as they are so you can get an idea of what it might cost to remove your small tree.

YouTube video

Price to remove a Conifer

Estimated height: 25ft. tall

Botanical name: Pinophyta

This conifer has duel-leading trunks, so it’s essentially two trees in one. Even though this tree is behind a ball, it is going to be easy for an arborist to climb it and block it down. You paying more than $850 – $1,200 for complete removal. The price may vary depending on the city you live in and the time you year you opt to get it removed.


Video of example

Estimated heights: 20 – 30ft. tall

Trees: Conifer, White pine, Poplar

In this cost example for medium to large-sized trees, we look at three vastly different trees in three vastly different situations. We address the not so obvious factors that add to the cost of tree removal and what you might be able to d to mitigate those factors.

YouTube video

Cost to cut down a Radiata Pine

Estimated height: 40ft. tall

Botanical name: Pinus radiata

This photo did not do the tree justice as it is bigger than it looks when you are standing next to it. The removal of pine trees is a little awkward given it’s close proximity to the home and the lack of room to work. This job is perfectly suited for a crane to lift it onto the street and feed it through the waiting chipper.

Due to the location and size, you can expect to pay $2,400 – $3,000 for the removal of this tree.


Eucalyptus tree removal cost

Estimated height: 70ft. tall

This is a very large specimen and everything appears a lot closer when you are right up next to the tree. This photo was taken from about 60 meters away. This is a very large specimen and would cost you $2,990 – $3,750 for complete removal.

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Tree Removal Price Factors

Below, we’re going to go into a little more detail, discussing some factors contributing to how much it costs to remove a tree.

This is where a small bit of variance does come in, which can either work in your favor or against you.

Here they are in no particular order:

Time of year

Time of year is a very important factor when it comes to removing a tree and the best time of year is winter.

tree services spring winter  comparison

Hiring a professional tree removal company to fell your tree is best done in winter. Much like trying to book a hotel by the beach during the summer holidays. There is much more demand during this period, and you’ll pay more.

The best time of year to remove a tree is during winter. The demand for tree services during winter is greatly reduced, but the supply of tree services remains. This puts you don’t the right side of the supply/ demand economy of tree contractors, and tree removal prices fall as a result.


The height of the tree is an obvious one, so I won’t go into too much detail, but the bigger the tree the more you will pay. Canopy density and the number of branches and the trunk diameter also play a factor.

Number of branches

Some trees have a single straight trunk with lots of small branches which are really easy to work on. Others will have like an oak tree will have large branches it extends out a long way. These are a lot more time-consuming to work on and will cost you a lot more money to remove.

trunk size infographic

Location on property

Imagine you had two identical trees, one in your front yard and the other in your backyard, with very poor rear access.

The tree in the front yard will most likely cost you half the price of a tree in your backyard. A lot more manual labor is involved in transporting the tree from the backyard to the front.

Tree removal cost near me

Where you live in the country will determine the price of tree removal. Local economies with an inflated living cost, like most major cities, will demand higher tree removal prices.

Tree contractors will pay higher prices on everything, which is then passed onto the customer.


This is a big factor depending on the obstacle the tree services face. If a tree is overhanging your house, surrounded by pot plants, fences, and even a power line running through a tree canopy will add time and money to the removal process.

Pro tip: Remove any obstacles around the tree before the tree comes down. You must do this or indicate your intention to do this during the quoting process. The tree service needs to know exactly what they are working with when pricing your job to remove trees. Things like your roof and home power line can not be removed, but other things like a telephone line, pot plants, cars, outdoor furniture etc. 

Condition of tree

The cost of remove a dead tree or a tree after storm damage can cost more as they are more dangerous to work on. The price will vary depending on the state of the tree. If it’s a medium-sized to large tree 30 and 60 feet high, the average cost per tree ranges from $1,890 to $3,450. Dead trees and hazardous or unstable ones need to be removed, and hiring a professional certified arborist is key. It is going to cost a little more than getting a gardener in, but you may need someone with liability insurance and the right qualifications.

IMPORTANT: Removing a tree or cutting down a tree near power lines is extremely dangerous. You should call a professional before attempting to get cheap or even free tree removal from a local handyman. The average cost of cutting down trees near powerlines is double that of a regular tree. Anything over 10 feet in height close to power lines carries a danger of electrocution. It may cost more depending on the types of trees you want to remove, but it’s not worth your life.

Price Factors by Importance

Tree removal cost factors pie chart percentage

Dispose of waste yourself

Depending on the size location, and type of tree being removed it is debatable whether this can save you money.

In the case of palm trees, on the other hand, disposing of the waste yourself is going to save you 30 – 50% off the price of removal.

If you were to dispose of the green waste yourself either in your garbage bin over time, or if your local council has clean-ups for free, you can place the palm logs on the sidewalk for free removal.

Fire sale on firewood

Why not sell your tree’s timber as firewood? This is only really worth it if you have a large tree, and doubly worth it if the tree is in your back yard and hard to get to. Not only will you save money for removal as the tree removal companies will not have to spend time manually loading and removing all the timber, but you can have an auction on eBay for the firewood. No need for log splitting, people will pay you for the timber, come pick it up for free and split it themselves.

Tree Removal Cost by City

The cost of tree removal varies wildly depending on the city and state you live in. Most of the const increase or decrease is due to the cost of living and doing business in the city.

Removing a tree from Staten Island NY is going to cost more than removing a tree in Hoover Alabama for example.

The same is true for local economies around the world whether is tree removal in Melbourne Australia or Spain in Europe, local economy rules price.

Tree Trimming and Cutting Cost

Tree trimming is calculated in a similar way to removing a tree. All the above factors come into play when calculating pruning costs, but obviously, in general, the cost of tree trimming is a lot cheaper than full tree removal service.

The national average cost of trimming a tree is $438. The real range is between $120 and $1200.

Tree trimming is generally much cheaper than cutting down a tree, but it all depends on the job.

Small trees less than 20 ft. high cost $250 to $525 when trimming up to 30% of the tree’s foliage.

Medium trees start at $390 and go right up to $720 depending on the tree species, number of branches, and the obstacles around trees such as your home roof or power line.

Large tree removal will cost you anywhere from $500 to $1,200 to trim no more than 30% of the branches.

Different tree trimming techniques cost different amounts also. A crown lift is removing all bottom branches of the tree effectively lifting the canopy off the ground is the cheapest trim by far.

Palm Tree Removal Cost

The average cost of palm tree removal is $429. At the low end, you might only pay $150, but at the high end of the spectrum you can pay up to $3000.

This is a topic we will have to cover in more detail and is beyond the scope of this article.

Palm Tree Trimming in bucket

Tree Removal Costs by State

What it’s going to cost you to remove a tree will vary from state to state due to a few factors. Population density, supply, and demand as well as the cost of living will all come into play.

In general, it would come down to the running costs of a tree removal service in your state or city. Obviously, the average cost to remove a tree in San Francisco would be more than in Fresno even though they are both in California.

StateTree removal cost% difference
United States Avg.$871
District of Columbia$1,17635%
New Hampshire$1,03619%
New Jersey$1,12429%
New Mexico$653-25%
New York$1,48170%
North Carolina$740-15%
North Dakota$95810%
Rhode Island$8882%
South Carolina$723-17%
South Dakota$775-11%
West Virginia$610-30%

Emergency Tree Removal Costs

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay double for emergency tree removal. It will all depend on the circumstances though.

An emergency tree removal service will costs $2,190 on average. Weekends are always more expensive also if the tree is still in a very dangerous position.

Home to save on emergency tree removal

Firstly, if the tree has come down or is dangerous, you should call emergency tree removal services near you first to render the tree safe. This is a free service and will not cost you a thing.

Once the tree is safe, you are best to take your time to get free quotes and wait for the right price. If it’s regarding storm-damaged trees, you might have to wait for a few weeks before getting a tree service pro out. Once all the emergency work has died down, they will begin quoting normal prices again.

Cost of fallen tree removal

The average cost to remove a fallen tree is about half of what a regular standing tree will cost to remove. This is because a fallen tree makes it easy for tree removal companies to just walk in and start cutting it up. No need to climb or use cranes etc. Stump grinding could cost a little more as normally the entire root ball gets exposed which is more work to clean up. If it’s not an emergency you will save about 50% to remove a fallen tree.

Land Clearing Cost

Land clearing is a different service to just regular tree removal because it is priced by the acre and not per tree.

The average cost of tree removal per acre is $3,680. This includes a mix of different-sized trees with average density. The price can vary from $950 right up to $6,700.

Tree Stump removal

Stump grinding will cost $225 per stump on average. The cost for stumps of pine trees and palms are very different, so the size and the type of tree are the two biggest factors. A tree care company will charge on trunk diameter per foot or per inch. A large tree that once stood 80 feet tall could have a stump 3 – 4 feet wide and might cost up to $1000 to remove. If your tree is already removed you do not need a permit to remove a stump. If the stump is more than half a foot in height, the tree removal company will cut it down to almost ground level before grinding the rest. This will not include the removal of the root system, but just the stump and part of the root ball.

Can I remove a tree for free?

In a word no. If you have a tree that needs removal, you will need to pay. Some tree companies will give you a discount for trees of fine timber stock, but they won’t remove your tree for free. Certain tree types such as western red Cedar, Rosewoods and Black cherry trees, especially those with a tree height larger than 30 feet tall.

The cost of your tree as far as timber value goes will not be worth the tree contractor removing your trees for free. The average costs for tree removal are normally greater than the timber value so the tree needs to be made of some pretty special timber for it to make sense.


In general, it is cheaper to cut down trees in winter. The main reason is not that the tree has fewer leaves and it’s easier to work on, it’s because the economy of supply and demand is in your favor.

Tree services are in low demand in winter. If you have the same supply of companies in winter, but half the work to go around, companies become more competitive on price.

Insurance companies will cover the cost of tree removal if the tree came down in a storm or any other act of nature. They will not cover the removal of a healthy just because you want to cut it down. They will also not cover the removal of a dead tree (died years ago) that finally fell after years of neglect. When you get free quotes for coverage, ask about their standing on trees.

Free tree removal is possible, but in most cases, it will only be for palm trees. If your tree came down in a storm, you may get your insurance company to foot the bill. If you are a tenant of a property you can ask your landlord if they would mind paying, but I’m sure it would depend on the circumstances.

There are programs available such as small government grants for pensioners who need to remove a tree but do not have the funds. You will need to speak to your local council or state government pension office about the details.

If your tree is protected due to its size (trees over 30 feet tall) will need to apply for a permit to remove the tree. To know whether your tree is protected, please refer to your local Tree Removal Ordinance for more information.

Most of the time, when it comes to removing a tree you will only need to give the tree company access to your yard to do the job. You will not need to be present while the tree is being removed. Arrangements can be made for payment after you have returned home and inspected the finished job.

Stump removal is normally priced separately. If you have a quote for a tree to be removed, make sure they have specified whether that price includes the removal of the stump. If it does not, they may try to get away with charging you an extra fee for removal. This is a dirty trick but can be easily avoided if you have it written on the quote exactly what is included in the price. Remember this price does not include the root system, just the stump and root ball 1 foot below surface level.

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