Kicking that towering palm tree to the curb? Well, hang tight, because what you’ll shell out changes with the tree’s type, how big it towers, and how easy it is to get to.

The average cost to remove a palm tree is $275 – $1,470. If stump removal is required, the price will increase by $150 – $350 on average. 

Palm tree removal may be required if the tree is sick, dying, or infected with pests. This may cause a palm tree to become hazardous, so removal is recommended.

It’s no surprise that the height of a palm tree is one of the biggest factors in palm tree removal costs. But as you will see below it only makes up about 60% of the final quote price.

After tree height, you must look at other factors contributing to the price below.

< 30 ft.$250$475
30 - 60 ft.$320$1,250
60 - 80 ft.$730$1,850
80 - 100+ ft.$950$2,470

Other Factors When Calculating Palm Removal Cost

There are many factors that determine the cost of removing a palm tree. Here is a list of the top ones in order.

Tree species & size – This is a no-brainer. Taller palm trees will require bigger equipment like cranes and elevated work platforms. Additionally, some species have much wider trunks, so the quantity of timber adds to the cost of removal.

Number of trees – Multiple trees will increase the labor cost, disposal cost, and time on site. This all adds to the overall cost of palm removal.

Access – This is a bigger factor than most people think. The more difficult it is to access the palm, the longer the removal process will take, increasing labor costs and the overall cost of removal.

Tree condition – If the palm is in poor health affecting its structural stability, specialized equipment will need to be used to safely remove the tree. This will add to the baseline cost for the tree removal companies, which will be passed on to the customer.

Labor – Labor cost is one of the major underpinning costs with all other factors measured against. Any other factor that results in more time or more resources to complete, labor cost will be added.

Pests and Disease – Pests or fungal diseases on a palm tree can affect the structural stability of the tree, which means more equipment and labor will be required to remove the tree.

Cleanup and disposal – Palm trees can not be mulched and spread on gardens like regular trees. Their high acid sap means they need to be disposed of as general rubbish. This is expensive and adds 37% to the cost of removal.

Stump removal – If the stumps of palms need removal, a stump grinding machine will be used adding $150 – $350 of additional cost per palm stump.

Permits – Depending on the state and county you live a tree removal permit may be required. Permit prices range from $45 to $167.

Transplant – If your palm tree requires transplanting, this will be a lot more expensive than straight removal. Specialized heavy equipment is used to dig out the palm including roots and planted in a new location. 

Emergency work – If the job is an emergency, expect to pay 200 – 300% more on top of standard prices.

Geographical location – Like all service and labor-based work, the cost varies by city and state. Below are some standard prices you can expect to pay based on location.

CityAverage cost
(25 ft. high palm)
San Deigo CA$425
Los Angeles CA$489
Las Vegas NV$499
Miami FL$412
Phoenix AZ$399
Mesa AZ$395

Palm Tree Removal Cost Calculator

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Do I need a permit to remove a palm tree?

Whether you need a permit to remove a palm tree will depend largely on where you live. In cities where there are lots of palm trees, like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, and San Diego, palm trees are protected. However, a palm tree on your property in Denver is considered a pest and can be removed without a permit.

In other cities where the climate is a little less tropical, and palm trees are not native, then they should allow you to remove them without prior consent.

To find out whether you need a permit to remove a palm tree in your city, select your state and city here to see your local tree ordinance.

Can I sell my palm tree or get it removed free?

In short, free palm tree removal is possible, yes, but it is rare. There are landscaping companies that specialize in mature palm tree transplantation, but everyone wants to sell their palm and the market is pretty thin.

If you have a run-of-the-mill palm like a Queen’s palm, then forget it, but if you have something a little more desirable like a Canary Island date palm, then you might be in luck.

Palm Tree Trimming Cost

Palm tree trimming costs start at $45 for small palms. The average range for palm tree trimming is $129 to $560 per tree.

Obviously, price is going to be determined by a number of factors such as how many trees, how tall they are, and their location on your property.

Check out our Palm Trimming Cost Guide for more price information.

5 Tips to Saving Money on Palm Tree Removal

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