Palm trees come in all shapes and sizes so the cost to trim will depend on the type, size, and number of leaves (known as fronds) that need removal.

The average cost of palm tree trimming (single palm) is $179 based on national averages so far this year, but realistically it can cost anywhere from $75 to $945 to trim a palm tree.

Below we have outlined the cost of palm trimming in relation to the height of the tree, tree trimming price per hour, and species of the palm tree.

The price to trim palm trees varies between $45 and $945, with the average price being $75. The cost of palm tree removal is mainly based on the size of the tree and the number of dead fronds being removed.

Below is a table to give you a better idea of the price by size.

Tree heightCost Range
10 - 15 ft.$60 - $75
15 - 25 ft.$100 - $350
25 - 40 ft.$200 - $425
50 ft. or more$350 - $945
Palm tree trimming prices627
mexican fan palm large and small comparison

Palm trimming estimates by size

Small Palm 10 – 15 feet palm trim

Expect to pay $60 – $75 for a single palm tree trim on average. If you had more than one palm tree that needed trimming, it will cost less per palm. You might pay somewhere in the range of $230 to prune five (5) palm trees.

small palm tree human comparison
medium palm tree human comparison

Medium Palm 15 – 25 feet palm trim

This would be an ‘average tree’ when it comes to height. You can expect to pay $100 for a single tree and $400 for up to five trees.

Large Palm 25 – 40 feet palm prune

The cost to trim a 30-foot palm tree would be about $200. There will be a discount for multiple trees but the size of the tree is a lot more work for pruning.

large palm tree human size comparison
extra large palm tree human size comparison

X Large Palm – 50 feet or taller palm prune

These are some really big palm trees that will most likely need an elevated work platform to carry out the pruning.

A single regular palm tree this size will usually cost anywhere from $300-$600 for a single tree pruned.

This is a fairly wide price range because the location and accessibility can vary, which will greatly affect the overall cost.

average cost of palm tree trimming

Palm tree pruning cost per hour

Palm tree trimming services generally do not charge by the hour. They charge by the job.

The reason being each business has a different setup and number of workers. If you were to have 10 palm trees pruned by a company with 2 workers as opposed to a company with 6 workers, the time taken to complete the job would differ greatly.

The price would probably end up being similar though, it’s just a tree trimming company with 5 workers will do it a lot faster. This is why they charge by the job.

To get an idea of what tree trimming of a regular tree might cost check out the tree trimming cost guide here.

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Palm timming cost by location

San Deigo – The average price of palm tree trimming in San Deigo is $225. That is 26% higher than the national average.

Las Vegas – Las Vegas is one of the cheapest cities to have a palm tree trimmed with the average cost being $153. This lines up with the median household income being lower in Las Vegas than the USA average.

Phoneix – The cost to trim a palm tree in Phoneix is pretty close to the national average. You can expect to pay $161 for an average 25 – 30 ft palm tree trim.

Florida – The average cost to trim a palm tree in Florida is $175. This is basically right on the national average price.

California – California is a little more expensive to live in than the rest of the country, so services do cost a little more also. You can expect to pay $213 to trim a 25 – 30ft palm tree in California. This is 19% more than the national average.

Can palm trees be topped?

You cannot cut the top off a Palm tree if you want it to live. If you were to “top” a palm tree completely which means not only taking off all the palm fronds but cutting it down to the trunk line, it will not regenerate.

You will be left with a dead palm tree.

You can, however, cut off all the palms fronds and new ones will sprout back just as long as you don’t take it down too far.

Palm tree trimming cost near me

Go tree quote is a FREE service that helps you find the best-priced palm tree trimming service near you based on previous uses votes.

When a customer requests a quote from us, we send them the closest 3 tree services to quote their palm pruning job. After they have received their quotes we ask them who was cheapest and who they went with and why.

Based on those votes we can determine who the best priced local palm tree trimming services are and we can get them to quote your trimming job also.

Will palm trimming services damage the tree?

The typical way to scale a palm tree for trimming is to use spikes or “gaffs”. These are climbing assistant that is strapped to the legs of the palm tree doctor to assist in climbing.

This will damage the trunk of the tree. It is preferable for the health of your palm the tree service use climbing techniques that will not damage the trunk.

Cost to remove fruit or flowers of palm trees

Normally this will take place when you have the dead or dying palm fronds trimmed.

Palm trees flower annually and grow large seed pods that can be quite messy.

It is advisable to get your palm tree trimming service to price for the removal of dead frons as well as seed or flower pods.

The price range to remove the fruit on a 15 – 20-foot tall palm tree, will be $50 – $70. Larger palm trees that are 30 – 40 feet high will usually cost $100 per tree.

IMPORTANT: It is going to cost you the same price to remove dead fronds and seed pods as it will to just remove dead fronds. If you get these done at different times of year you will pay double.

Palm tree trimming average price estimate

The average price for palm trimming is $120 per palm. (National average from 2018 taken from all palm tree trimming jobs). It is hard to go off an average because every palm tree is different and every local economy is different. What palm tree trimming services charge in San Francisco will differ greatly from a smaller city.

My best advice is to get at least 3 estimates before going ahead with any one of them.

Palm tree removal costs a lot more than just a trim. Refer to our palm removal cost guide for more information and prices.

Palm Trimming cost estimates by palm type

Phoenix palm / Canary Island date palm tree trimming cost

Botanical name: Phoenix canariensis

These palms are as big as they get. Not only do they grow tall, but they are a very large girth. With their sheer size comes a lot of fronds. You can expect to pay anywhere from $100 for the smaller example on the left, to $700 for one of the larger ones on the right.

The overall cost will depend on the number of trees and their height.

mexican fan palm large and small comparison

Mexican fan palm trimming cost

Botanical name: Washintonia robusta

These palms are also a bit of a pain to trim. The reason being they have razor-sharp spikes on the fronds that resemble shark’s teeth. There is no trimming these palms without getting spiked many times over, so most palm tree trimming services will charge a premium for these trees.

For the smaller example on the left, you would only pay about $90, but for the larger example on the right, it could cost you as much as $300 – $400 for a single tree. It will depend on the number of fronds that need removal.

phoenix palm canarey island date palm large and small comparison


Palm trees are not as sensitive as other trees and can be trimmed all year round. Regular trees respond better to being trimmed in winter, but palm trees are less susceptible to pests and disease so they can be pruned in summer and spring also.

Some palm trees are self-shedding, meaning when leaves die they will fall off by themselves. Other palm trees will require pruning. If you decide not to trim your palm it will be fine health wise, but they do begin to look ugly and can become a fire hazard. It is advisable to have the dead leaves trimmed off a palm tree every 12 – 24 months.

Not really. Regular trees like Oak trees or Pine trees do respond well to a prune and will shoot out new growth immediately after a prune. In the case of palm trees, pruning will not make a big difference. The reason being that palm trees cycle through leaves at a fast rate. For a regular tree to grow a new branch, they need to support their current canopy mass THEN add to it with new branches. Palm trees only ever have 12 – 40 leaves/ fronds at any one time. They shed those leaves before growing new ones. Cutting them off won’t make this process work any faster.

We always suggest you trim you palm trees every year. The best times is just after the palm tree flowers and before the seeds develop. Palm trees can be messy especially when the seed pods open and begin dropping seeds everywhere. As well as seeds, dead branches can build up quite quickly, so having them tidied up every 12 months is a worthwhile investment.

If the palm tree is on your property, you will need to pay to have it trimmed. If it is on council land, you can apply at the local council office for them trim the tree. If you are in a rental property, you will have to ask your landlord before going ahead with any tree trimming work. You might find they will come to the party and pitch in to get it trimmed. If it is not necessary and is only for aesthetics, they might not be willing to spend the money.

Palm trees can be quoted over the phone in some cases. Because they are a fairly straight-forward job, tree services normally have a standard pricing system for giving customers estimates. That being said every tree service is different, so you will need to contact your local plam trimming service and ask.

As long as the tree trimming service has access to the palm trees that need pruning, you will not need to be there when the job is being done. Tree services understand that customers need to work and are normally happy to do the job and swing past later for payment.

In most cases yes. Most self-respecting arborist will include the waste removal in with the price. There are done dodgy operators out there like in any trade so I would get them to specify on the quote they the waste removal will be included in the pruning cost.

Tree trimming in general is cheaper in winter. The main reason is not because of the actual temperature, but the fact that there is not a lot of work on in winter and tree services bid lower prices to win what little work there is. Southern states will not see as much of a chance in prices as northern states that see very low temperatures.

It is quite alright to trim a palm tree just as long as you don’t take too much off. The best practice us to remove all lower branches. fronds of the palm that hang below horizontal. If you trim too man leaves off a Plam tree it can retard the way it grows moving forward. This can affect the heath, vigor, trunk shape and over longevity and stability of the palm tree.

Palm trees are very resilient and are not phased if you decide to leave the dead fronds on the tree It does look ugly and can be a fire hazard, but it will not affect the health of the tree. A good trim is recommended every year or two.

Your palm tree will die if you cut the top off. Palm tress grow a bit like the bud of a flower. New fronds sprout from the center in a life long cycle which sees the palm trees trunk extend skyward as each new layer of fronts grow and die. If you were to remove the whole top of the palm tree is will not survive.

Cost to trim a tree – Notes and General Information

These estimates are for BASIC work performed in regular conditions by a qualified arborist priced at mid-range in the market. Requesting tree trimming work as an emergency service, during peak times or usings certain companies will result in HIGHER COSTS.

These estimates are NOT substitutes for written quotes from qualified arborists or tree service professionals. GoTreeQuotes strongly recommends that you contact reputable and certified professionals for accurate assessments of the work required and costs for your project before making a decision or committing.

The cost estimate includes:

Costs for a qualified local arborist to climb using a single Rope Technique or elevated work platform and trim your tree.

It costs to remove all waste material from the site and leave it as they found it.

Setup time and minimum hourly charges are usually included for tree trimming jobs.

The cost estimate does NOT include:

Costs for tree risk and hazard assessments. This is a separate service and will incur additional costs.

Costs for a written arborist report to gain permission from your city, county, or state to trim your tree.

Sales tax for service rendered.

Permit or inspection fees (or portion thereof) are required by your local tree ordinance.

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