The price for pine tree removal can differ significantly based on the species of pine, its size, and where it’s situated on your property.

The average cost of pine tree removal is $1,377. On the low end, you might pay as little as $650, but if you have a monster 100 ft pine tree it could cost closer to $5,950.

Let’s have a look at what adds to the cost of pine tree removal and where you might be able to save some money.

A small pine tree under 15 ft. would cost between $150 and $350. This would also include stump removal. These are trees that are the height of a single-story house or less.

This would be a pine tree 20 – 30 ft high and would cost an average of $750. At this stage of the tree growth it would still be considered juvenile and not yet fully developed.

This would be a fully developed tree up to 50 ft high. The biggest Radiata pines and conifers would top out at this high but would continue to grow in girth and spread. You would pay from $1000 to $2700 depending on the type of pine, its location on your property and its branch spread.

This size tree would mostly include Norfolk Island pines that would range in height from 50 – 100 ft. high. These are true monsters and would cost $3000 + to remove.

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Average cost of pine tree removal?

There are 3 main types of pine trees the Radiata pine, the Norfolk Island pine and the conifer or cypress pine. Below are the national averages for their removal.

What adds to the cost of pine tree removal?

There are three things that add to the cost of any tree removal including pine trees, they are:

Location of the tree

The location of your pine tree on your property can add a significant amount to the cost of removal. Take for example a large Norfolk Island pine that is in the front yard of a property as opposed to the rear of the property, with poor access.

Because it is so difficult to get equipment up close to the Pine tree in the rear of your property, it will take a lot more manual labor to get it down on the ground and out the front to haul away.

Trees at the front of properties can be removed using elevated work platforms (EWP) or the assistance of a crane. This heavy equipment speeds up the process of pine tree removal dramatically and also reduces costs for the customer.

Pro tip: If you can allow rear access to the tree service professional by removing a section of fence and lowering them in through either a neighbor’s yard or a rear Street it will dramatically reduce the cost of removing your Pine tree.

Height of the tree

The height of the tree is an obvious one and the more tree there is to remove, the more it is going to cost you. Please see above for prices for removing small, medium, and large pine trees from your property.

Number of branches and spread

This is not so much a factor in conifers and Norfolk Island pine trees. They generally have a standard number of branches and spread of the tree, but you can definitely affect the cost of removing a Radiata pine.

Radiata pines can grow very large branches and have a substantial spread on them.

Depending on the obstacles around the trees such as power lines, fences, sheds, or homes this would add to the cost of removal.

Trunk size

The size of a tree trunk is generally in direct proportion to the height of the tree. As the tree grows, the trunk will grow thicker to support its size. The taller the tree, the bigger the trunk, the more it will cost to remove.

trunk size infographic

Stump removal

If you’re going to be removing the stump of your Pine tree as well, it’s going to cost a little bit more money. I suggest you get it all done at the same time as it will cost less as a combined package, rather than getting someone in later on just to grind the stump.

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