The expense of land clearing can fluctuate based on the density and size of the trees and brush present on your property. We will detail the expenses for clearing land and trees per square foot and acre.

The national average cost to clear land is $3,680 per acre. This is the price of a lightly wooded acre with some larger trees. Heavily wooded land with mainly large trees can cost upwards of $7,569 per acre of land.

The average cost estimates to clear the land will vary depending on the following factors:

  • Tree density in the area
  • Rocks, bush, or stumps
  • Clearing service provider
  • Time of the year
  • Size of trees in the area

The cost to prepare land for building is different and requires grading machines. This is a separate cost.

Lot sizeQTYLowHigh
Small5,000 sq. ft.$950$5,250
Medium (Average)¼ acre$1,200$6,100
Large½ acre$1,500$8,750
X-Large1 Acre$2,500$12,000
land clearing of trees by acre

Land clearing prices by acre

When it comes to the average cost of clearing land per acre, there are several factors that can easily affect the tree-clearing cost.

These factors include the size of the land, nature of clearing required, land gradient, rocks, building site preparation, or removing existing structures among others. As a result, you can pay as low as $1,500 for a quarter of an acre and as high as $8,000.

3 acres is a large piece of land to be cleared so be sure to get quotes for at least 3 suppliers on the cost to clear land before proceeding. This could cost you thousands.

¼ Acre land Clearing Prices

Expect to pay $950 for a ¼ acre where the land has young trees less than 9′ tall hence requiring light clearing work. In such cases, the land will also be flat; hence there is little work needed to remove rocks or grade. That works out to be about $0.092 per square foot not including site preparation for construction.

If it’s heavily forested land, and if there is a need to remove stumps and rocks, then the price can go as high as $1, 650. This does not include the removal of existing structures.

½ Acre of Land Clearing Cost

When clearing half an acre, similar factors will apply. If the lot requires minimal work where there are light bushes and no rock removal or grading, then you will pay around $1,550. This does not include grading or building site preparation. Just the removal of trees.

In cases where it is wooded and a high level of grading and rock removal is required, expect to pay around $2,700. The cost to clear per square foot works out to be quite cheap at $0.85 or square foot.

The cheapest way to clear land, however, is to have a buyer for the wood. If you are lucky enough to have desirable species of tree on your land, you can sell the timber and recoup your losses.

Land Clearing Price per 1 Acre

The cost to clear 1 acre of land where there is light underbrush hence requiring minimal work without any rock removal or grading required. Cost is on average $3,750 per acre, but can start at $2,000 per acre and go right up to $4,650.

Land clearing cost per acre where it is heavily forested with tall trees, and brush, and requires grading, the average cost can add to as high as $6,800 or more.

Land Clearing Price per 3 Acres

Lightly wooded, no grading costs included could cost around $10,900.

Heavily wooded, lots of brush, needs grading and rock removal – around $19,500.

10 Acre Land Clearing Cost

Flatland, young trees requiring light clearing without rock removal or grading – around $35,000

Clearing the land for a 10-acre lot that is heavily forested with a brush, requires grading and rock removal expect to pay approximately – $62,000. You may be able to negotiate a good price to include grading and building site preparation.

If it is a heavily wooded lot, then cost estimates could go over $100,000 to clear the land. Once you start to get to lots larger than 10 acres, the land clearing cost per acre increases as erosion control measures need to be put into place also.

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Take a short cut

You could go through this article and calculate your lot’s average cost. You are not going to know until you get some prices from local tree services.

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Land clearing vs. tree clearing

It’s important that we make the distinction early on so there is no confusion. “Land clearing” is a fairly open term that can refer to rubbish removal, debris removal, undergrowth removal, and the grading of the land so it is flat and ready to build.

In this article, we are looking at clearing trees from your land. Prices do not include the grading or land with a bulldozer. This is a different land clearing service as it’s preparing the land to build a house or other structure.

There is some overlap in what companies can handle depending on their equipment. Some companies just do trees, others just do grading and others do both. You may need to shop around to find the right service for your needs.

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