The cost to remove a tree stump can differ depending on various factors including the stump’s size, the species of tree, how easy it is to get to the stump for removal, and any barriers that might be in the way.

The national average cost of tree stump removal is $150. Although the price ranges from $75 right up to $600 for a large stump.

Below we go into a little more detail about the cost of stump removal by size and other factors.

Stump SizeSizeLowHigh
Small stumps6” - 10”$75$120
Medium stumps10” - 20”$90$210
Large stumps20” - 30”$190$330
Extra large stumps30” - 50”$330$600

Small Stump

A small tree stump 6” – 10” (15 – 25cm) would cost you about $75 to remove. Normally stumps are ground down to a depth of 12″ below ground level. $75 will be the minimum cost for tree stump removal, as it would include the call-out fee for even the smallest of stumps.

Medium Stump

A medium-sized tree stump 10”– 20” will cost you between $90 and $210. The variation in price takes into consideration the type of timber (palm or hardwood) and ease/difficulty of access. Price is calculated as a per diameter inch and professional stump removal services will normally have a standard price to reflect that.

Large Stump

Stump grinding rates for a bigger stump would be anywhere from 20”– 30” per diameter inch, will cost between $190 and $330. Each additional stump will have a cost to remove of $100 to $220.

Extra Large Stump

A stump 30”– 50” which is a bit of a monster will cost you $270 – $600 for complete removal. It is important to remember once a tree stump has been removed with a grinding machine, there are a lot of leftover shavings that need to be shoveled out, plus the whole area leveled out. It is time-consuming and this adds to the cost.

Note: Tree stump removal cost will also vary between tree services but the above prices are based on the national average for tree stump removal cost.

Additional cost factors for stump removal

There are several stump grinding cost factors that can increase/reduce tree stump removal costs. We have listed them below. Basically, anything that adds time to the stump removal process will also incur additional costs.

Palm stumps

The good news is palm tree stumps cost less to remove as they are super easy to remove and will cost you about half the price of a regular stump. Because the timber of a palm tree stump is so soft, the grinder just eats straight through it saving the stump service lots of time and you lots of money.

Access to stump

If your tree stump is in your backyard and a raised garden bed, then it is going to take the stump removal service for a while just to get their grinder set up to grind the stump out.

Time is money and the longer it takes the more it will cost.

Some things cannot be avoided like stump accessibility, but you can make it easier to access your property where possible which will affect the price.

Underground services

Below the ground in your front and back yard are lots of services like stormwater, drinking water pipes, gas, and sometimes electrical and fiber optics, so it is important you know where they all are before you start. You can get this information from your local fire department.

IMPORTANT: Most stump removal experts do not take responsibility for damage done to below-ground service they were not made aware of before starting. You can call 811 before you start to get the location of all utilities on your property.

Root removal

Some trees have a lot of above-ground roots that will also need a stump grinder to remove. Although root systems will stay below ground, any surface roots will need to be removed along with the entire stump. Root removal in add will add to the cost.

Number of stumps

Obviously, if you have more than one stump it is going to cost more to remove. The first stump is usually charged at full price, then each additional stump will be a little less. With palm stumps a lot of the time they come in clusters of 2 to 4 stumps. This will be priced as one big stump and not multiple stumps. It should not affect the price too much but is a factor.

Soil condition

Rocky soil is not good for stump grinding machines and may require manual removal which is very labor-intensive. This is no easy task and is normally charged on a per-inch basis. Unless there is good access for a bobcat or backhoe to dig it out, it will be expensive.

Planting a new tree

If you want to plant a new tree in place of the old stump, it is going to take a lot more grinding work than usual as the stump removal pros will need to grind down a lot lower to remove the whole root ball and surrounding roots.

Tree Type

Tree stump removal costs will vary depending on the tree type. Some trees have very dense wood and the stump takes much longer to remove which will affect cost. Palm trees have very soft stumps whereas eucalyptus have extremely dense wood.

Stump's diameter

A stump’s diameter is a huge factor when it comes to getting a stump removed. Most tree specialists will charge by the inch, so with a large tree comes a larger tree stump. This will increase the cost to remove. See above for exact prices by the inch.

Stump keeps sprouting

Tree sprouts can pop up after the complete removal of the tree and the stump. This is most common for invasive species. Some tree services will charge more for these stumps as they know they will get a call, later on, to come back and kill the tree… again!

Trunk removal

Tree stump removal cost includes the below-ground part of the stump as well as 3 – 5 inches above the ground. If you have a larger stump with a 3-foot trunk still attached, this will cost more to remove.

Mulch removal

When you get a stump ground out, it generates a large amount of timber mulch. This is normally left on-site and cost estimates to remove the mulch too will double or even triple costs.

Chemical stump removal techniques

A less labor-intensive way to remove tree stumps is to use a chemical solution. Chemical rotting will take place for an extended period and you will need to use abrasive chemicals such as Potassium nitrate, bleach, and Epsom salts. Chemical rotting costs are far less than organic stump grinding, but it is not very environmentally friendly.

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Is tree stump removal necessary?

To be honest, not really. Many homeowners opt to leave the stump where it is and turn it into a garden feature.
As you can see from the above prices, keeping your tree stump can save money, but what exactly can you do with them to jazz up your garden?

If planned correctly, some great uses for a tree stump are:

  • Small sitting table
  • Planter box
  • Birdbath stand
  • Garden stool or chair

Here are some other great ideas for the tree stumps.

removing a tree stump without a stump grinder

It is important to bear in mind that tree roots do intertwine and surrounding trees can be affected by stump removal of a neighboring tree.

How far down should you grind a tree stump?

Typically a tree stump is ground down about 12 inches. You can request that your stump be ground down further, but generally 12” is sufficient to remove the whole stump and leave you enough room for replanting something in its place.

Note: It is always a good idea to know where your underground services are before you start. If you have water taps or gas pipes in the vicinity, it might be a good idea to either leave the stump where it is or grind it just below the surface.