For the last ten years, those reports from tree experts have turned into a super handy trick for keeping our city trees healthy and standing tall.

Some homeowners require an arborist report for the purpose of a tree removal permit, while others want a report on the health of their trees out of general interest.

tree inspection by level 5 arborist

An Arborist report is a detailed review of a tree where an arborist will note the tree’s health, vigor, issues with pests and diseases, mechanical damage, and anything else as it pertains to the tree’s well-being.

While inspecting a tree for a report, an arborist will not just focus on the tree itself, but also take into account the surrounding trees. Is this particular tree a significant feature of the area or a dime-a-dozen?

They will also carry out a SULE report which looks at the Safe and Useful Life Expectancy of the Tree.

A trained professional can ascertain whether the tree has passed its Safe and Useful Life Expectancy or still has a lot of life left in it.

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What do they cost?

The cost of an arborist report will depend on the number of trees and the use of the report. The use determines the detail and length.

An arborist1 report for a single tree will cost $450. This report can be used when applying for a permit to have a tree removed.

Reports for multiple trees and DA applications will cost a little more. You are best contacting an arborist near you for a quote.

consulting arborist inspecting tree

Where can I get one?

Arborist reports are exclusively written by qualified arborists. These are professionals in trees who have studied arboriculture and have the skill set to provide such reports.

All tree services are qualified arborists (well they should be anyway. There are some dodgy ones out there but that’s for another article), but not all arborists provide written reports.

Consulting arborists aka level 5 arborists are not just your standard run-of-the-mill tree expert. They have further studies specifically for providing arborist reports.

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