Chopping down a tree doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all price tag. It all depends on how big and round the tree is, and where it’s sitting. If it’s out in the open, that’s one thing. But if it’s hugging your house with a bunch of wires tangled around it, that’s a whole different story. Stick around and you’ll find out why this makes such a huge difference.

The average price of tree felling is $1,252 with the lower end of the spectrum being around $345 and the high end closer to $3,950.

Tree felling, also referred to as “dropping a tree”, is not to be confused with tree removal when the complete removal and disposal of the tree after felling has been completed.

Small tree

A small tree 5 – 15 ft high would cost $150 to fell and up to $550 for complete removal depending on the amount of foliage and the location in your yard.

Medium tree

A medium tree 15 – 30ft high will cost you $500 to fell and leave it where it lay. The cost of complete removal will be closer to $1,500. This can be high for trees in tricky locations,

Large tree

This would be a tree 30 – 60 ft high and would cost $900 to fell it safely to the ground. To cut and dispose of the entire tree you would pay anywhere from $1,850 to $4,250.

Extra large tree

This would be a monster tree up to 100 ft high. The average cost to fell would be $1,850 and leave it where it lays. To remove it, you could be looking at as much as $9,000. Remember it is not all about height. Palm trees get tall, but a 100 ft oak tree or redwood is a totally different kettle of fish.

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Felling vs removal cost

SizeFelling onlyComplete removal
5 - 15ft$150$550
15- 30ft$500$1,500
30 - 60ft$900$4,250
Up to 100 ft$1,850$9,000

As mentioned previously there is a very large difference in workload when just felling a tree, or when removing it completely.

Tree felling refers to the act of cutting the tree down to the ground. Traditionally that would be done by cutting it from the base and watching it fall over. In suburbia, it’s a little different and may require an arborist to climb it and remove it bit by bit.

Tree removal is hauling the whole tree away, normally feeding it all through a wood chipper first so hauling away the mulch.

Can I DIY fell a tree?

If the tree is larger than 15 feet, I strongly recommend you use a qualified and insured tree service to do the job. Tree felling and removal is a lot more dangerous than you might think and when you start working from heights, that danger factor goes up a notch or two.

You may be able to save some money with DIY tree felling if you are able to borrow a chainsaw and a trailer, but if you need to hire them both from Home Depot, you will end up paying about the same as it might cost you to get a pro to do the job.

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