The cost of oak tree removal can differ depending on aspects such as the size of the tree, its location on the property, and the presence of any nearby obstructions.

The average cost of oak tree removal is $1,600. The range of prices starts at $350 and goes right up to $4,500 for very large and difficult specimens.

I have laid out some cost data below for small, medium, and large oak trees as well as their typical cost for removal.

There are also 5 oak tree examples below including what you might pay for removal.

NOTE: DBH stands for Diameter at Breast Height

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Oak tree removal examples

For these examples, we will talk about the height of the tree, its DBH, and things that add to the cost of removal. Below we talk about how to reduce costs greatly in a few simple steps

Example 1: DBH 6”

Cost: from $350

This is a fairly small tree by Oaktree standards with a height of less than 20 feet and a DBH of 6”– 8”. This is a very easy job with no obstacles and good access.


Example 1: DBH 10”

Cost: from $650

This is the next step up from the previous example, sporting a larger trunk diameter and a lot more branches. As far as volume goes, it is a larger tree so it will cost more to remove.

As with the first example, it has a lot of space to work and good access. You could prices from around $650 and maybe a little cheaper depending on your city and time of year you get it removed.


Example 3: DBH 24”

Cost: from $1,200

This would be considered a medium-sized Oak tree and we are starting to venture into high prices for removal. The access is great, so the tree will not take more than a day for even a very small company to remove.


Example 4: DBH ?”

Cost: from $3,200

This removal is a bit of a nightmare. Not only do you have a very large Oak tree with a huge spread overhanging a home, but it is also in the backyard with no rear access.

The only feasible way to remove this tree is to find a company with a crane to lift the tree piece by piece over the house to the front yard. The good news is there is plenty of room to work in the front yard so this is possible. Cranes are expensive hence the expensive price tag.


Example 5: DBH 20” +20” + 20”

Cost: from $3,200

This is a triple-trunked large Oak in a backyard. Let’s assume the access is great, you still have an amazing landscape job below the tree which is going to slow down the removal dramatically.

Each branch will need to be roped up and lowered very slowly or a crane would need to be used. Either way, it is going to cost a pretty penny to remove.


Will I need a permit?

Whether you need a permit to remove your Oak tree will depend on the local laws relating to tree removal in your city. Every city has a Tree Ordinance that outlines which trees can be removed and which trees will need a permit from the council.

If you have a large Oak tree, chances are it is protected and you will need a permit before you proceed, but check your local laws for tree removal here first to be sure.

It is illegal to cut down oak trees that are protected without first obtaining a permit. You will face heavy fines if you illegally remove an Oak tree so please get your facts straight before you proceed.

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