This page and the below calculator were put together so you can calculate an accurate cost of tree removal before getting firm quotes.

We have made it easy to calculate the 3 main factors that determine tree removal or tree trimming costs:

• Tree size
• Number of trees
• Location of the tree

With these basic inputs, we can give you a price within a 5% error margin for what your tree removal is likely to cost you.
Try it out yourself now.

We get a lot of calls asking about the typical or average cost of tree removal, but the reality is there really isn’t one.

I can give you the national average so far this year for tree removal which is $871, but it hardly helps you determine a price for your tree removal.

Every tree really is unique as is your particular tree in relation to its surroundings which also have a large bearing on the cost of tree removal.

We will explore this in a little more detail below.

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Tree Removal Estimate Calculator

You can use the below calculator to get an accurate tree removal estimate for your job.

It will take into account tree size, the number of trees, and the location of trees on your property.

These are combined to calculate a price you can expect to pay.

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