One of the most frequent inquiries I receive here at GoTreeQuotes is from customers in search of complimentary tree services. There seems to be an abundance of inaccurate or deceptive information floating around on the internet, which has prompted me to clarify the actual facts.

Getting a tree removed free of charge is possible but in rare cases. Most of the time, you must pay for your tree removal.

Palm trees are an exception. If you have a sort-after palm species, companies will pay YOU to come and remove it.

is free tree removal possible

Getting a tree removed for nothing is very rare but is possible if you have a desirable tree. Regular tree services will not remove the tree for the wood. It is not worth their time.

If you have an acre or more of trees you need to be removed; logging companies may remove the trees for free because they can sell the lumber for a profit. 

This definitely will not work for a single tree in a residential area, but for rural properties with lots of trees, you can get free tree removal in exchange for the wood.

pile of firewood
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Do lumber companies cut down trees for free?

In short, Lumber companies get contracted by the owner of a tree/ timber plantation to cut the trees down for a price.

After the owner of the trees pays for the lumber company to process the timber, they make a profit by selling the timber to other companies who turn it into furniture, floorboards, and other timber products.

What could work?

If you were to find a local lumber company that was interested enough in your trees for its timber, then it is feasible that they would come out and remove them in exchange for the timber.

The catch is you would need to a large number of trees and the timber could need to be desirable.

Highly sort-after timber
Western Red Cedar – Western Red Cedar
Mahogany – Swietenia mahagoni
Rosewood – Dalbergia species
Oak – Quercus
Ash – Fraxinus
Black cherry – Prunus serotina
Kingwood – Dalbergia Cearensis

Other desirable timbers are Tulipwood, Cocobolo, African blackwood, and Bombay blackwood.

western red ceder milled into slabs

Some landscapers buy mature trees

If you have a great-looking tree that you feel would be a shame to cut up and remove, there are companies out there that will buy them and use them for landscaping projects.

There is no point in me listing any here as you will need to get in touch with one local to you, but if you have a tree that looks like it can be dug up and hauled away on a truck and it is a desirable tree, then it is worth a phone call.

tree being dug up and transported
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