Getting tree debris removed can be expensive if you don’t know who to hire and how much to pay.

Removing downed branches and other tree debris after a storm is a lot cheaper than rubbish removal for example because there are no tipping fees.

The cost of getting tree debris removed will depend on the amount of debris, the size of the branches, and how much cleaning up needs to be done.

The average price for the removal of tree debris is $125, but the real range is $75 right up to $500.

If the debris is still scattered around your yard, then the company will need to factor in the time it takes to gather it all up.

If you have it neatly stacked on the front lawn you will pay far less.

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Tree Debris Branch Removal Services Near Me

There are a few types of businesses that can remove tree debris.

Garden maintenance company – These guys are the cheapest labor by the hour, but you will end up paying more because they will need to pay for dumping.

Tree services – These are the best choice because they all have a wood mulching machine and do not have to pay dumping fees. Because it’s all profit to them, they will generally charge you less.

Waste removal service – These companies remove everything from tree debris to lounges and the kitchen sink, but like gardeners, they will need to spend time and money to dump the green waste.

removal of tree debris from front yard

Storm debris removal

If you are not careful you could end up spending a fortune on this service. Anything “emergency” related tends to carry a much higher price tag.

Here are a few tips to save you money when cleaning up tree debris after a storm.

  1. Timing – Make sure you wait a week or so after a storm before trying to get a price on yard waste removal. Because companies are busy, they will charge a lot more. The bigger the storm the longer you should wait.
  2. Use a tree service – As mentioned above, try to avoid gardeners and trash removal companies. Let the tree specialists do their job.
  3. Tree clean up – If branches have snapped off trees in your yards, you will need to ask the tree service for a separate price to have the snapped branches trimmed back at the trunk. Not doing so will lead to problems for the tree down the track.
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