Trees in suburbia can quickly become a problem or hazard and may need removing as a result.

Tree and stump removal normally go hand in hand but can be carried out as separate services. The cost of tree and stump removal varies depending on the local company used, the time of year, and of course the size of the tree.

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On average, tree removal services typically cost $871 per tree, with most homeowners paying as low as $200 for smaller trees and $1,200 for larger trees that are more difficult to cut down.

Stump removal services tend to be separate and typically attract an average of about $315 per stump. However, the actual amount that one ends up paying usually varies widely depending on the diameter, tree type, the location of the stump, and the number of stumps that must be removed.

When tree removal companies price their services depending on tree stump diameter, they tend to charge a price that ranges between $12 to $25 per inch.

Is stump removal included in the price of tree removal tractor tree removal
TaskCost in $
Average cost of tree removal$871 per tree
Average cost of stump removal$253 per stump
Cost of stump removal (per inch of diameter)$8 - $15 per inch
Cost of root removal (per hour)$150 per hour
Minimum stump removal cost$100

It is important to note that you don’t always have to pay for tree removal services. If the tree that you want to get rid of is near a powerline, you can get it removed for free of charge by simply contacting the power company and having them remove it. You can also get trees removed for free by contacting a local logging company. If you have enough trees on your property, and if they are valuable enough to them, they can offer to cut them and remove them for free.

What companies remove trees and stumps cutten tree
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Do tree surgeons also remove stumps?

Yes, tree surgeons also remove tree stumps.

A tree surgeon is a professional who caters to all aspects of a tree’s life. They typically have experience and expertise in planting, pruning, treating, maintaining, and removing trees. Removing tree stumps falls within their duties of felling and removing trees, and they usually offer this service for an additional charge.

Is stump removal included in the price of tree removal?

No, stump removal is not usually included in the price of tree removal. It is considered to be a separate service that typically attracts a charge that ranges between $60 to $350.

By not including it in the price of tree removal, contractors usually give homeowners better control of their costs since it allows those who aren’t bothered by tree stumps to pay lower prices. Furthermore, by making it an optional charge, one can easily save on money by simply choosing which activity to do on their own either tree removal or stump removal, and then leaving the harder part to contractors.

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