Eliminating the fees associated with tree removal may seem like an ideal scenario, but it’s not always attainable. The fact of the matter is, services aren’t provided without cost, and the financial support must originate from some source.

However, there are circumstances when you can secure free tree removal, or drastically reduce the costs through government grants, seniors assistance programs or in rare cases, with logging companies or nurseries.

Local tree services will not remove your tree for free. It would be like asking a plumber to work a full day in exchange for scrap copper left over. It’s just not feasible.

Below are 6 options you can take advantage of different free tree removal options.

SourceTree typesFREE tree removalWhat are my chances
Firewood CompanyAll except palm treesNo< 1%
Lumber CompanyExotic timber or a large
volume of trees
Senior/ PensionerDiscounts but not freeNo0%
City PaysOnly trees on public landYes90%
Landscaper NuserySelect palms/ small treesYes20%
Insurance CoverageFallen trees onlyYes95%
Utility CompanyTree close to/ touching power linesYes50%
Free Tree Removal In Exchange For Wood
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6 Ways To Get Free Tree Removal

Money to pay for tree removal needs to come from somewhere. Whether it’s in the resale value of the wood, the tree itself or government programs. Let’s go through the top ways to get free tree removal first.

If you don’t qualify for any of them, there are lots of other ways to reduce the cost of removal, so be sure to read the section on how to save on tree removal.

1. Contact Your Utility Company

If the tree in question is near power lines, your utility companies will want to remove the tree to protect their asset, the power lines. It would go on a case-by-case basis, but your first step would be to contact them and let them know your a tree close to or touching their power lines.

utility company trimming a tree near power lines

2. Free wood for Logging Companies

A logging company, which is different from a residential tree service, will negotiate free tree removal in exchange for the wood, but only on large plantations of 1 acre or more. They will not work for regular residential tree removal. The tree/ wood needs to be desirable and there needs to be enough of it so they make a profit.

3. Get The City to Remove Trees for Free

If a tree is on city property and encroaching on your property, you can apply for them to remove it. They will not remove a tree on your property for free as it is private property and out of their jurisdiction.

4. Lumber Mills Buy Quality Timber

Lumber mills are where logging companies take their timber to be milled. This is where the money is made on timber as it turns into usable lengths. One way to get trees removed for free is to skip the middleman (the logging company) and deal directly with a timber mill. Let them know the types of trees and quantity and make a deal for them to buy the timber once you deliver it.

Once you have that price, you can approach logging companies to do the job for less than the lumber mill is paying you. This is essentially free tree removal in exchange for wood, but it requires a little bit more work.

5. Post an ad on Facebook Marketplace

This will not get you free tree removal but rather offset the costs. When you get a tree service to quote the removal of your tree, ask for a price to cut down and cut up the tree,m but leave the logs on site. This will normally save you 20 – 40% off the price of the job. Then take a photo of the timber and post it on eBay, Marketplace or Craigs List. People will bid to buy it from you, but the kicker is, they will also turn up and haul it away. This should bring the overall cost of tree removal down to an even 50% off.

6. Nurseries & landscaping companies

Established trees like Olive trees and many types of palm trees are sort by nurseries and landscaping companies. If you have the right tree in the right location, they will come and haul it away free of charge. This is rare, as you need to have the right tree at the right time in a good location for access by heavy machinery. I recommend phoning nurseries in your city and asking if they purchase established trees.

6 ways free tree removal infographic242

Are all trees worth money?

No. Most large trees are not worth anything except for maybe $200 in firewood timber. But even firewood takes 2 years of drying, cutting, splitting, loading and delivering.

For your tree to be valuable enough to be hauled away for free, it would need to be easily dug out and resold as a mature tree, or the timber would be worth a lot of money.

Which trees are worth the most money

The most expensive trees to buy are mature palm trees. The size, age and species will determine the price. A list of the most sort after palm trees are listed below:

Common nameBotanical name
Canary Island date palm Phoenix canariensis
Bottle palmHyophorbe lagenicaulis
Foxtail palmWodyetia bifurcata
Cabbage palmSabal palmetto
Triangle palmDypsis decaryi
Coco de merLodoicea

See some other palm trees here and their possible sale prices.

Trees for landscaping

The following trees are very popular with landscaping companies are they are reasonably easy to transplant and can fetch a high price for the right specimen. Talk to some local landscape companies and see if they are working on a project that requires one of the following. Send a picture and see if they are interested.

  • Red Maple
  • Jacaranda
  • Sea Grape
  • Frangipani
  • Silk Trees
  • Palm Trees
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