To give you the best guess on what hiring an arborist might set you back, we’ve got to slice into the everyday chores these tree wizards tackle.

Depending on what the tree doctor is doing will determine how much they charge you.

On average, an arborist will charge $375 – $1,620 depending on the task.

For small tree trimming jobs like a single palm trim, $75 will get the job done, but for the removal of a huge 100-year-old oak tree, you would pay closer to $5,000.

Below, I have broken an arborist’s tasks up into tree trimming, tree removal, arborist reports, and stump removal, and provided prices for each task.

TaskAverage price
Trees Trimming$427
Tree Removal$871
Stump Removal$187
Arborist report$450
Tree inspectionFREE - $100
Root removal$161
Tree injections$125
833 604 1315

Other tree arborist fees

Tree arborists do not generally charge by the hour, nor do they have other fees like a call-out fee, holding fee, or anything like that.

When you engage an arborist for a service, they will give you a free quote over the phone and come and inspect the tree if needed free of charge so they can give you an estimate.

Any tree arborist charging call-out fees should be avoided.

What do arborists charge for tree trimming?

The cost of tree trimming will depend on the number of branches being trimmed and the size of the branches in question.

Tree trimming starts at $75 per tree and can go right up to $2,500.

You can imagine trimming four branches off a palm tree would cost a vastly different price to trimming for branches of a large radiata pine tree.

Resource: Tree trimming cost guide

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