An Arborist is skilled in several services including trimming trees, cutting them down, and providing arborist reports, which may all come with a high cost.

This article is designed to give some great tricks to saving a ton of money when hiring an arborist near you.

On average, an arborist near you will charge between $225 and $4,500 depending on the task. The large range in price for tree services is the large variety of jobs an arborist can do. Hiring an arborist for trimming a Crepe Myrtle is very different from removing a large Oak tree.

Below are a few more details on price ranges for arborist works.

Tree Trimming$120$1,190$438
Tree Removal$225$4,500$871
Stump removal$70$1,200$187
Arborist report$300$550$450
Tree inspection$40$420FREE*
Average arborist cost infographic

FREE: If you intend to have a tree trimmed, arborist tree services in your zip code are happy to come out and give free advice with their quote, so an inspection and verbal assessment are free. For written reports, it will cost more.

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What do arborist near me do?

An Arborist near you is responsible for maintaining trees in an urban environment. Tasks include:

Their skills and training are extensive and they can also perform tasks like tree identification, eradication of pests and diseases, and cable bracing, though the most common tasks are listed above.

tree arborist certified

Arborist near me vs. tree doctors

Tree Services in your zip code are the same as local tree doctors, we just use different names to describe them. The correct term is arborist, but they also go by tree doctor, tree surgeon, or tree care services.

Most of the time if you are looking for an arborist near you, the best search to perform is tree services, which will bring up all the local companies. By definition, all tree services are tree arborists.

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