When tackling the big, tough tree trimming and removal tasks that are a bit out of your league, it’s a **smart move** to call in the pros. These expert tree whisperers come armed with the skills and experience to manage even the mightiest of trees.

Below we go through hiring tips and the costs involved.

Tree Service Company   Local Cost & Hiring Guide 2021

Tree service companies charge differently depending on the type and size of the job. Typically, you will pay between $375 to $1,500 for a range of tree maintenance services depending on the task at hand.

Tree Trimming – The average cost to trim a standard tree is approximately $871, but the price will vary depending on the tree’s size and accessibility to the location. The cost can go as low as $100 and as high as $1,500 based on the above factors.

Tree Removal – The average cost to remove a tree is $871 with a range of $225 to $3,900. This cost depends on the size of the tree and the accessibility of the area. Extra-large trees will cost more to remove than smaller trees. Tree removal is a complicated and risky job that should be handled by qualified and licensed tree service companies only.

Stump removal – Removing a tree stump is not easy, even if it is old and rotting. Generally, homeowners pay approximately $427 to dig out and remove an old stump using commercial equipment and chemicals. It is not practical to get hourly rates because it can take several days to remove the stump.

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When do I need a tree service company?

You will need a tree service company if your tree looks sick or when you need to trim or remove it. If you want to plant a new tree, a tree service company will get the job done professionally. Tree service companies are essential for the care and maintenance of trees and come in handy in tree removal during storm damage.

How do I hire a tree service company?

Many tree service companies are available and you can find several options on the web. To find the best company near you, you can type “ tree services near me + your location.” After that, take the time to compare the companies that come up. Compare their rates, reviews, and experience before choosing one.

Another way you can find the best tree service companies near you is by getting help from free services such as Go Tree Services. This service will send you three local companies based on your budget and needs once you submit your contact information and job size details.

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