Date palms are a popular variety in many parts of the United States. For a date palm to grow correctly, it must be regularly maintained by removing fronds hanging below the horizon line.

The average cost of trimming a date palm tree is $250 to $1, 450. Prices will vary depending on the size of your date palm, access and obstacles as well as how long it’s been since the last trim.

This article provides you with more information about date palm trimming by state and when to trim the tree.

Date Palm Trimming Cost Infographic

Date palm trimming cost guide

Determining the cost of trimming a date tree can be difficult as it is not a standard price. Different factors will affect the cost of trimming your date tree.

1. Average cost of trimming date palms by height

The height of a date palm is the major determining factor when it comes to cost. This is because the taller a tree is, the harder it is to get to the branches and trim them.

This means that taller trees will require more labor than shorter trees. Hence, the taller your date palm tree is, the more expensive it will be to get it trimmed.

Tree HeightDescriptionCost
10 - 15 ft.1 Story High.$250 – $450
16 - 25 ft.1 – 2 Stories High.$350 – $550
26 - 40 ft.2 – 3 Stories High.$450 - $850
40 - 55ft.3 - 4 Stories High.$650 - $1,250
55ft and above4 Stories + High. $750 - $1,450

It is important to note that the above prices listed above are for a professional tree care company. Hiring a gardener may cost significantly less than an arborist. However, gardeners are only recommended for short trees of about 10 to 15 ft in height.

2. The average cost of trimming date palms by City & State

Another major factor that determines the exact cost of trimming a date palm is the location of the tree.

Different states in the United States have different price ranges due to various factors such as differences in the standard of living, and the competition among professional tree care companies. Palm trimming in California for example is more expensive than in Florida for example.

StateAverage cost (med-sized) date palms
San Diego$370
Las Vegas$355

It is important to note that the above prices listed above are averages estimated from quotes given by several professional tree care companies in these states. The actual cost may differ from city to city.

What is the best time of year to trim a date palm tree?

The Best Time To Trim Date Palm Trees is in Spring. This is specifically from the first of May to the 4th of June. This timeline is the perfect time to trim date trees as it is the most malleable and the trim will last longer.

If you trim the date tree before the first of May, new stalks will emerge later in the year creating a mess. This means that the tree will need to be trimmed sooner than planned as the stalks will overgrow. If the date palm is trimmed after June, they become more difficult to handle as all their fruits will have bloomed.

Trimming the date palm in spring allows the palm tree to recover and grow beautifully. That is because palm trees thrive in weather where there is humid air, moist soil, and a lot of sunlight. So, they will grow back even stronger than before once you trim them in late spring.

How often do date palm trees need to be trimmed?

You should trim your date palm trees as often as every one to two years. In general, trimming should be done only when some fronds begin to die. This is because dead fronds start weighing down the tree which can be damaging.

These dead fronds are usually brown, dry, and grim-looking and can be identified on sight. For a healthy date tree, this will happen 1-2 times yearly but doesn’t need to be removed until the second time. This prevents over-trimming while providing adequate maintenance.

When trimming a date palm tree, you want to remove any of the branches that fall below the 9 to 3 arch on a clock face. If any branches are drooping around 8 or 4 o’clock or below, they are safe to remove and will improve the tree.

Date palm tree trimming tools

If you decide to trim your date palm tree yourself in a DIY job, you will need all the necessary tools to do a good job. This is because of how the date palm grows; a branchless tall stem and a flowered head with thick branches and flower and fruit stalks for fruiting trees.

It can be tricky if you do not have all the necessary equipment. Some of the major tools used for palm tree trimming include;

  • Cutting knife (for flower stalks)
  • A pruning saw (for regular fronds)
  • Chainsaw (for large fronds)
  • A hand pruner.
  • An outdoor pole saw (for hard-to-reach spots)
  • Rubbing alcohol.
  • A step stool.
  • Gardening gloves.

Short trees can be trimmed in the Do It Yourself attempt as their branches are easy to access for trimming. You can also hire a gardener for short and medium-sized trees. For extremely tall date palms, hire a professional tree care company to trim the palms for a good result and lower risk of injury to the laborer.

Ben McInerney
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