Woodbridge Township ordinance regulates all activities concerning public arboriculture.

Note: You need to get a permit to remove trees in the City of Woodbridge Township.

Many Woodbridge residents are not aware of the existing ordinances. Get some of the necessary information about these ordinances from this review. Remember to visit Woodbridge Township city codes for fully detailed regulations.

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When is a tree removal permit granted in the City of Woodbridge Township?

You will get a tree removal permit if you provide any of the following reasons;

  • The tree is a visual barrier to a street intersection.
  • The tree is of a non-conforming species such as maple or elm.
  • The tree poses a hazard.
  • The tree prohibits the efficient operation of a solar heating system.
  • Tree roots are blocking sewer pipes
  • If one is denied tree insurance
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Who can apply for a tree removal permit in the city of Woodbridge?

A tree permit application form is available to all city residents. The provision of the permit is to be decided by the Division of Public Works. Any applicant is to provide the following information:

  • Reason for the removal of proposed trees
  • If the tree is dead, dying, or diseased, one should present evidence in picture form or statements from the city arborist or any certified tree expert.
  • The proposed tree replacement plan

The Division of Public Works is to decide whether to grant or deny a tree removal permit request.

Who is responsible for trees growing in the City of Woodbridge Township?

For trees abutting on public property, the adjacent owner maintains and covers all costs incurred during the trimming or removal process. The Department of Public Works is responsible for the trees growing in public spaces.

Does the City of Woodbridge Township require me to replace the trees I removed in my property?

Yes. Trees removed at the homeowner’s request must be replaced. Approved tree species are planted within one year after removal. If the owner does not replace the tree within this time, they have to pay a $150 fee. The money is to cover the cost of purchasing and planting the replaced tree.

Who covers the costs of tree removal in the city of Woodbridge?

Property owners are responsible for trees abutting on public property. They are to cater for the removal and trimming exercises. The property owner can request the city to remove or oversee the tree removal process provided that he or she agrees in writing to pay for the services.

Failure to comply with the Woodbridge Township city ordinance

Suppose the Division makes a request of Public Works to any property owner concerning removing a tree. In that case, the owner has a specified period to correct the condition. Noncompliance from the owner gives the Division authority to access and remove or trim the tree.

The city is to take legal action against the owner. Furthermore, he or she is charged according to the Woodbridge Township city ordinance. The penalty can be in the form of fines or serving a jail term, or both.

The owner has to pay the city the costs incurred during the process and other additional costs, such as interest rates and other administrative expenses.

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