Rochester tree removal permit and ordinance are a set of rules and regulations to control tree removal in Rochester City.

NB: Anyone, despite their reasons, desiring to remove a tree in the City of Rochester must obtain a permit before working on the tree.

Below you will find more information about the Rochester tree ordinance, the kind of trees that require a permit, how to get a license, violation, and penalties of the same.

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Can I plant or replant a tree in Rochester City streets?

Yes. However, if you desire to replant or instead plant trees in the city, first you need to have the written consent of the City Forester. No tree planting without a permit is allowed in the city. It is also essential for you to check on the City tree species list to know which trees the city prefers.

Is there any tree removal permit application fee needed when in Rochester City?

Yes. When sending a permit application, you must pay the application fee as follows:

All trees in the public right of way, including trees located between the street and the property line, require a tree removal permit. The application fee for such trees is $50.

Rochester tree regulations protect trees on private property that are 6 inches in diameter or larger and 4 ½ inches above the ground; hence the property owner will need a permit before working on the tree. The application fee for this is $90.

What are exemptions to tree removal permits requirements in Rochester City?

You are exempted from acquiring a tree removal permit if:

  • You’re an occupant of a one-family parcel, which is less than an acre.
  • Tree farm, nursery business, or agriculture. However, this is not regarding naturally occurring trees; instead, commercial nurseries planted trees.
  • Transplanting or tree removal on behalf of the city on the road right-of-way.
  • Dead, diseased, or damaged trees. This only applies to trees if left standing will die within 2 years.
  • Residential large parcel of one acre or more due to structural constructions.

However, it is important to note none of the above exemptions applies to landmark trees or those growing in the public right-of-way.

Who is responsible for the care and maintenance of public trees in the city of Rochester?

The City Forester Division is in charge of all tree care and maintenance practices in the city. They have the power and the authority to work on street trees. They also attend to city trees, prune, trim, plant, spray, treat, and also remove any tree where need be

The Division is also responsible for comprehensive urban tree management, including reforestation.

Commercial tree servicing, gardening, and landscape development in the city of Rochester

All persons, firms, or corporations that engage in tree servicing, including tree planting, pruning, trimming, or tree removal, shall at their own cost ensure they dispense all other materials, tree parts included resulting from their work.

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