Thornton tree ordinances are a set of rules and codes set to regulate tree removal in the city. This helps the government to maintain and preserve the environment effectively.

As a result of this, everyone needs a permit before they can remove trees in the city of Thornton.

Herein you’ll find more information on tree ordinances, the fundamental basics of a permit, and penalties for breaching these rules.

Tree removal permit Thornton

Thornton tree ordinances guidelines have more information on this.

Yes. If you need to remove a tree from a public or city-owned property, you will need to obtain a city forester permit. This applies to part or all trees in Thornton land. However, homeowners who need to remove a tree under 10 feet from their property require no prior approval.

In case there is a need for tree removal or planting on the city property, the city forester can determine such actions. It is said to be a public nuisance for any property owner to plant, maintain or remove a tree without a go-forward action from the city forester.

Still not sure?

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It’s worth noting that tree-cutting services are unable to remove trees illegally as they would face heavy fines, so giving you correct information is in their best interests also.

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Violation and Penalties

In case you’re found to remove a tree from Thornton City illegally, you are penalized. It is important to note that each offense you commit concerning tree removal is treated separately, and you’re penalized for your actions.

This means you have to comply with the city tree codes.

Tree removal permit Thornton 2

How Do I know the right time to trim or remove a tree in Thornton City?

The city forester will determine this. Once they choose the appropriate time to order tree trimming or removal of any plant or tree growing on either public or private property, a mailed copy is sent to the owner, lessee, occupant, or lesser to the property address the tree is located.

In case the tree to be pruned or removed has no address, the notice to correct is therefore mailed to the owner in question at the address present at the county assessor’s office. Such notice takes effect from the mailing date. In case you’re unable to remove the tree within the stipulated time, you get more than 30 days to do so.

Grounds for an appeal

Here are 4 main grounds to appeal for tree removal in Thornton City.

  1. For any person to whom a notice to correct is directed, one can only write an appeal to the manager’s office within seven days from the notice’s effective date. The request must include the name of the person, his/her address, phone number, the relationship between the one appealing and the property, and finally, the appeal’s basis.
  2. The hearing of the date and time of the appeal will be conducted within five days of receipt of the request. The hearing is, however, held within 15 days from the appeal.
  3. All appeals presented according to the code of ordinances are conducted in conformance with procedural due process standards.
  4. The decision of the hearing officer is considered final. The compliance with the decision should take place within seven days from the final decision date.

Maintenance of Thornton City trees

The city council does city tree maintenance; however, it is the sole responsibility of its residents to take care of the trees, report any pausing dangerous trees to the public, and any other critical thing concerning public and private trees.

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