The Riverside Tree Ordinance consists of various rules and regulations formulated to guide and regulate individuals engaged in tree-related activities within the city of Riverside.

Due to this, there are some trees in the city of Riverside that will require you to get a permit to either remove or trim.

The summary below offers information on when you need a permit, how to get one, how to remove public trees and so much more.

Here: Riverside city ordinance will provide you with more information on tree removal and works.

Yes. But under certain conditions. If you are removing a protected, heritage, endangered, or significant tree you need to get a permit from the city council.

Trees that have a height of above 30’ and dbh of above 12” in a land of over ½ acre need a permit for removal.

Do I need a permit to remove public street trees in Riverside city?

Yes. No person is allowed to remove trees growing along public streets. This also applies to any trees that are growing on public lands such as parks and recreation centers.

The city council is mandated to authorize the removal of such trees.
Conditions under which such public streets may be removed include the following.

  • If the trees are infested by any kind of insect or pest such that it becomes a danger to the public or other people.
  • Trees that are overhanging private property such that they become a public nuisance and there is a need for removal.
  • Trees that are diseased making them a threat to other trees and the public.
  • In case the trees are obstructing traffic.
  • If the trees are blocking or interfering with public utilities such as power lines or gas lines.

Riverside County Protected trees

There are several species of trees that are protected in Riverside County. These are trees that have significance to the community in terms of their size, characteristics, species, and cultural or historical values.

Other trees that are protected include heritage and endangered species.

According to the tree perseveration ordinance for the county of Riverside, no one is allowed to remove native trees with a height of 30’ and dbh of 12” on any land that is above ½ an acre and above 5,000 elevations without obtaining a permit from the city council.

Oak trees are also protected by the city council. Here is a link with more details on the preservation of oak trees.

Tree planting along streets in Riverside

Planting of trees along public streets, roads, and other areas that are public property must be approved by the city council. For you to plant trees in these areas you need a permit from the council and you will do it in adherence to city council guidelines.

Endangered tree species in Riverside

In Riverside, like other areas, there are endangered tree species that the city council protects to make sure that they continue surviving.

The city council prohibits any cut, destruction, or work on such protected trees.

Can I appeal for a decision by the city council on tree removal application?

Yes. The city council gives room for appealing any decision on the tree permit application. You have a period of 30 days from the initial decision for you to appeal the decision. When doing this, you have to make sure that you provide all the necessary information to support your appeal. A report from an independent arborist is necessary.

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