Explore the regulations established by the Irvine tree ordinance, which are guidelines for conducting tree-related activities. These regulations are designed to manage tree removal and pruning in a manner that helps safeguard the urban forest within the city.

There are some trees in Irvine city that require a removal permit from the city of Irvine before removal or trimming. Some trees such as dead or fallen trees are exempt.

Follow this summary and you will find information on when you need a tree removal permit, how to apply for one, and what you need.

Irvine Tree ordinance code guideline offers more information.

Yes, But under certain conditions.

In case the tree you want to remove is classified as a significant tree, heritage tree, or is on public land, then a permit is a must.

Significant trees can exist on either public or private property.

You have to apply for a removal permit with all details including a list of the trees provided.

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Can I plant or remove street trees in Irvine city?

Yes. It is possible to plant street trees or remove them in Irvine. However, you have to make sure that you get a permit from the city council.

How to apply for a tree removal permit in the city of Irvine?

The first thing is that you have to make sure that you send an application to the city council with all the details of the applicant, location address, property details, why you want to remove the said trees, list of the trees, and pay a fee.

Here is how the city council determines how to get a permit.

  • If the trees in question are significant but dead or have declined to a level of more than 1/3 of the crown.
  • If the trees are determined to be hazardous based on their structures or characteristics. There are trees that grow in the wrong shape or direction and become hazardous.
  • In case the trees are already infected by a disease or insects such that they become a danger to the public and so on.
  • When certain trees have stunted growth which is caused by adjacent trees and the city council needs to improve the health of neighboring trees.
  • In case trees are causing or about to cause damage to other neighboring structures such as buildings or public utilities.

Replacement of removed trees in Irvine

According to the city of Irvine rules and regulations on tree preservation, all trees removed must be replaced.

The trees will be replaced on a ratio of one to one according to how they are removed. During the replacement, the council may specify where the replacement should be done, or they may be replaced in the same location.

However, when the trees being replaced were removed from a non-residential property, then they may be replaced according to the city’s or location’s current landscape plan that has been determined by the city arborist.

When it comes to a fee for a tree removal permit, it will be determined by the city council.

Are there penalties for illegal tree removal in Irvine City?

Yes. Any individual or organization found guilty of breaching tree preservation codes in the city of Irvine shall be subject to a fine that does not go below the value of the trees damaged or removed illegally.

Can I appeal a tree removal permit application decision?

Yes. The city of Irvine council allows its residents to appeal any decision by the city council concerning tree removal permit applications.
However, when making an appeal, you are required to do it according to the city zoning codes.

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