Hamilton Township ordinance recognizes that uncontrolled cutting and removing trees leads to adverse impacts on the township residents’ general welfare, health, and safety.

Therefore: You must obtain a permit to remove trees within Hamilton City.

The Hamilton Township city code clearly explains tree removal guidelines and the penalties for any violation. Here is a summary of the essential things to know.

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Are there trees that require no removal permit in Hamilton Township?

Yes. Such trees that need no permit include:

  • Any tree located on a parcel of land of 5 acres or less on which a single-family dwells.
  • Any tree that grows in a nursery, garden center, or Christmas tree farm.
  • Any tree growing on a farm can be removed for agricultural purposes but not sold for profit.
  • Any tree that grows on public right of way as shown on an approved final subdivision plan.
  • Any tree cut for personal use, such as firewood, by the owner of the site.
  • Dead or diseased trees that pose a danger to the public or the adjoining property owner.
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Do I need to replace the city trees I removed in Hamilton Township?

Yes. If you remove any approved city tree, you’ll need to replace it. However, the replaced tree needs to belong to the same species and size as the removed tree. You can as well choose to pay the city an amount equivalent to the value of the tree removed or both.

To remove a city tree, it has to be; obstructing the public and traffic view, dead, dying, diseased, insect-infested, or poses any threat to life. The tree can also be removed if it interferes with public utilities such as power lines and sewer pipes.

Are there any tree restrictions in the City of Hamilton Township?

Yes. Some of the restrictions include;

  • No cutting of trees of any size within 5 feet of any improved roadway or street
  • No cutting of trees any size within 25 feet of any permanent or intermittent stream.
  • One must not cut any trees of less than the minimum diameter for any purpose except for site clearing and clearing of the public right of way.

Who reviews tree removal permits in the City of Hamilton Township?

The Township Forrester is the one who either grants or denies tree removal permits. The Forrester seeks advice from the city’s Environment Commission and other tree experts. Some of the things considered are drainage, vegetation, fire protection, and the adverse impacts of the proposed tree removal.

Any incomplete tree removal application given to the Township Forrester is returned within 10 days. For parcels of 50 acres or less, the Forrester has 10 days to approve or deny it. For parcels over 20 acres, he or she has 20 days to approve or deny.

Can I appeal against the decision of Hamilton Forrester?

Yes. Within 10 days from the decision date, any applicant has the right to appeal against the Hamilton Township Forrester’s decision to the Township Committee. The Committee has 30 days from the date of appeal to either confirm or reverse Forrester’s decision.

Hamilton Township tree permit validity

The permit issued by the Township Forrester is valid for 2 years from the date of approval. The permit has a renewable period of one year without any additional fee.

Violation of Hamilton Township ordinance

Anyone found guilty of violating any of the tree removal guidelines is to pay a fine not exceeding $10,000 or serve a jail term not exceeding 30 days.

How much does it cost to remove trees in the City of Hamilton Township?

The size and location of the tree on your property are an important factors in the cost of tree removal in New Jersey. The state average is $1,320 for a medium-sized tree, but this can range to $5,500 + for very large trees. 

You will need to get several prices from local experts before hiring someone. 

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