The Greeley tree ordinance consists of regulations designed to promote the appropriate maintenance and removal of trees in the city.

To remove any trees on public land, you need to get a permit from the city manager. 

It is essential to know more about tree removal on public and private property within Greeley’s city. To find out more information on tree removal guidelines, visit the Greeley tree ordinance for more details.

Tree removal permit Greeley

Can the city remove my trees in Greeley without a permit?

Yes. The city manager must inspect all trees within the city at a reasonable time. If the manager spots any diseased tree, infected tree, or one that poses a threat to the people or property, they are required to notify the property owner.

It is the responsibility of the owner to correct the condition found within the specified time.

Still not sure?

If you are still unsure, it might be best to speak to a local tree service. They are all up to date on local land clearing laws and would be happy to give you free advice.

It’s worth noting that tree services are unable to remove trees illegally as they would face heavy fines, so giving you correct information is in their best interests also.

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Is a tree removal notice issued in the city of Greeley?

Yes. After the city manager identifies a tree that needs to be removed or corrected, he gives the owner notice and specifies the time frame for the correction to be made.

Failure to comply with the notice given by the city of Greeley

If the owner does not correct the condition within the specified time frame, the city manager must remove or correct the situation. The city manager is then required to provide the Director of Finance with a statement of all the costs incurred during the tree’s correction on the private property.

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Tree trimming on public land

The city manager has to trim or oversee trimming activities on all the public trees within the city. However, the property owners must take care of trees that border their property and public land. These maintenance activities are done under the supervision of the city manager.

Are there prohibited trees that are not to be planted in the city of Greeley?

Yes. Citizens of Greeley need to refrain from planting any trees from the Populus genus that bear cotton-like substances. For the Quaking Aspen, citizens are allowed to grow them in residential areas but not parkways.

Who is responsible for trees encroaching public land in the city of Greeley?

The property owner has to remove trees that interfere with the proper utilization of walkways, overhanging any sidewalk lower than 8 feet or any street shorter than 13 feet as they create a traffic hazard.

Failure to comply with the Greeley city ordinance

If anybody violates any of the guidelines put in place by the city, he or she shall constitute a code infraction violation. You’re later subjected to penalties provided, and they include fines and jail terms.

What is the mode of payment of city correction costs?

The total costs incurred by the city manager are written in an assessment and given to the Director of Finance, which is then mailed to the property owner. The review declares the full amount.

Failure by the owner to fully pay the cost within 30 days gives the Director of Finance the go-ahead to notify the County Treasurer, who places the value upon the current year’s tax list. Included in is a 10 percent penalty.

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