One of the valuable trees that can be removed for free in many cases is the palm tree. Most times, the value of the palm tree is enough to compensate the tree removal company for its service. Each type of palm tree is valued differently.

Free palm tree removal services are available for exotic palm species depending on your state or county.

In the case of highly sought-after palm species — such as Mexican Blue Fan Palm, Mediterranean Fan Palm, Guadalupe Palm, Pindo or Jelly Palm, and Senegal Date Palm — companies will pay you to remove the tree.

Free palm tree removal

Removing your palm tree yourself may be dangerous especially if you don’t have the right tools and safety equipment.

Trees that are close to buildings or utilities are especially delicate to be handled without expertise. It doesn’t only pose a danger to you but also to your entire neighborhood. Thus, it is mostly recommended to have the work done by a professional arborist or palm tree doctor.

If you plan to DIY your palm tree removal, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Size of the tree: Trees that are below 15 ft can be handled by non-professionals. Beyond that, it’s best to involve a professional company.
  • Dumping fees: You will have to cover the cost of dumping the logs and branches after the removal.
  • Cost to hire the tools: You’re likely going to need a chainsaw at least. It’s important to consider the cost of hiring a chainsaw and the right protective gear.

Sell Palm trees for cash

If you’re lucky to have an exotic palm species, you will not only be able to remove it for free. You will also be getting some cash in return. There are reputable nurseries or palm diggers around that will remove your palm tree for reselling if it’s valuable and in good shape.

Here are steps to guide you if you want to sell your palm tree for cash.

  1. Start by figuring out if you have permission to remove such a tree. Some cities have laws against removing palm (or other) trees. You need to find out if there are any such rules in your state or county.
  2. Next, you also need to determine if the tree is too close to any structures or power lines that could make it hazardous.
  3. Also, try to determine what the tree is worth. Take a photo of the trees and figure out the species of palm it belongs to. Phil Bergman of Jungle Music Palms & Cycads has a reference guide on identifying the various palm species of Southern California.

Below is a list of companies that pay for removing palm trees in different states.

Feel free to explore further if your state or area hasn’t been covered here.

StateCompanyContact NumberWebsite
FloridaBelleair Palms800 223-0319Website
Foundation Masters813 614-1718Website
CALIFORNIASouth West Wholesale888 326-7256Website
Jungle Music Nursery619 291-4605Website
NEVADAMoon Valley Nurseries408 374-3964Website
ARIZONAMoon Valley Nurseries408 374-3964Website
TEXASMoon Valley Nurseries888 695-4720Website
Sell Palm trees for cash

How much does it cost to remove a palm tree?

There are a lot of factors that determine the cost of palm tree removal. Some of these factors include height, location, and type of palm tree.

Whether the palm tree will be cut into small stumps or the trunk will be cut into smaller sections are other indications that determine the price of removing a palm tree.

The table below shows the average price of palm tree removal based on the height of the tree.

Height of Palm TreeCost of Removal
Small Palm (< 30ft.)$150 - $450
Medium Palm (30 - 60ft.)$350 - $1,250
Large Palm (60 - 80ft.)$850 - $2,100
XLarge Palm (80 - 120ft.)$1,750 - $3,500
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Signs that your palm tree is due for removal

Palm trees are mostly long-lasting trees that grow tall without posing harm to their surroundings.

It may become necessary to remove a palm tree as a result of one or more of the factors listed below:

Threat to buildings or utility power lines

If your palm tree is too close to buildings or utility power lines, it is an indication of impending danger. Sometimes, it may be safe to trim the tree and remove some of the fronds.

Most often, it is best to remove the tree completely to maintain a safe neighborhood. If it affects utility power lines, it’s important to call your utility company so as to get it removed by certified line clearance experts.

Unhealthy Palm tree

You need to assess your palm tree’s health from time to time. Whenever you notice the appearance of leaf spots, warts, discolored leaves, or collapsed tree trunks, then it’s time to remove the palm tree.

These unhealthy signs are usually an indication that the tree is not getting enough nutrients or possible signs of pest infestation. In the case of dead fronds or withered fronds, you may consider trimming the palm tree to restore its good health.

Uneven growth

When the growth of your palm tree is becoming uneven, it’s an indication that its nutrient pathway is being obstructed. To ensure that the tree doesn’t completely get out of shape, it’s best to remove such a tree.

Curled up leaf edges

When the edges of the leaves on your palm tree are curled up, it’s a sign of pest infestation. Such kinds of pests can easily spread to other trees that are close by. It is best to remove the palm tree to maintain a safe environment.

Discoloration of trunk or base

When the base or trunk of a palm tree is getting discolored, this is usually a sign of a dying or rotting tree. It is caused by insects boring into the tissues of the tree. This makes the tree prone to hazards and it’s time to remove it to prevent impending danger.

Limited space for growth

If there is no space for your palm tree to grow without posing a danger to the nearby buildings, you may consider removing it.

If you don’t have the proper training to assess your palm tree, you should call on a professional tree services company to help you with this.

Signs that your palm tree is due for removal

Will the city or utilities cut down my palm trees for free?

If the palm tree is on the city’s land and posing a danger to your building, you can call on the right people to look into it. You’ll likely get it removed for free.

If the palm trees are also located close to utility power lines and pose obvious danger, they can be removed for free.

All you need to do in such instances is to report to the appropriate authorities and you’ll stand a chance for free removal.

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