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Tree Removal Cost in Michigan

Tree removal cost Michigan

The overall cost to remove a tree in Michigan varies depending on factors such as the tree’s height, the diameter of the trunk, condition, location, and accessibility. The average cost for professional tree removal in Michigan is $1,138. The lowest price you will have to pay for small tree removal is around $382, while the […]


Tree Removal Cost in Maryland

The total cost for tree removal in Maryland varies depending on the tree’s height, the diameter of the trunk, and accessibility. The cost range for professional tree removal in Maryland is $1,669 on average. Prices start at $825 and range right up to $4,158. Extra large trees’ cost to remove may go even higher. Another […]


Tree Removal Cost in Massachusetts

The cost to remove a tree from your property in Massachusetts varies depending on the size and type of tree, as well as the job’s complexity. Massachusetts’s average tree removal cost is $1,594, with the actual range being $735 for a small tree and right up to $4,900 for a large tree. Keep on reading […]


Tree Removal Cost in Illinois

Illinois is famous for its green cities and great canopy cover, so it’s a little wonder tree services are in hot demand for tree trimming and removal. You can expect to pay between $649 and $3,025 for tree removal in Illinois. The average cost is around $1,457. The price can go beyond this range if […]


Benefits of Tree Canopy

Benefits of a Tree Canopy

The presence of a tree canopy plays a vital role in creating a healthier and more sustainable environment. Trees are essential components of our natural environment, offering much more than aesthetic appeal. They provide numerous benefits to the environment, ecology, and our communities. Tree canopies provide a lot of advantages that range from public, social, […]


How to Trim a Palm Tree

Importance of Palm Tree Trimming

Trimming palm trees is an essential part of keeping them looking lush and beautiful. The right techniques, tools and care must all be employed to ensure healthy growth for years to come. I have compiled some of my expert tips on how best to trim a palm tree. From knowing the best time of year, […]


Can I throw neighbors’ tree branches back in their yard?

Can I throw branches from my neihgbors tree back over his fence

Even though trees are beautiful and have so many benefits for the environment it is frustrating when a neighbor’s tree branch constantly falls in your well-kept yard. So what to do? You can throw tree branches and leaves back into your neighbor’s yard if he throws them into your yard on purpose or if he […]


Who is Liable For Tree Root Damage?

Who is liable for tree root damage

Tree roots can cause damage, especially if the soil is clay. When tree roots absorb moisture from the soil, the clay soil can shrink, causing subsidence. The roots can travel up to 6 meters in search of water, leading to foundation movement. Knowing who is responsible for the property damage depends on the situation of […]


Free Tree Removal for Seniors in Florida

Seniors and free tree removal in florida

Seniors struggling to make ends meet have some options for financial help for tree removal. This is available for trees that have become hazardous or unstable. The free tree removal program available for seniors in Florida is called the Residential Hazardous Tree Program. To be considered eligible, your household does not exceed 80% of Escambia […]


Sample Letter to HOA for Tree Removal

sample letter to HOA to remove a tree

There are a few things that need to go into a letter when requesting a tree for removal. The key is stating the problem with the tree that is a legitimate concern. Filling the gutters with leaves will not cut them. Below you will see a sample letter which you can copy and fill in […]

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