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Do Arborists Charge more in Affluent Areas? (Poll Results)

Tree advice and quote poll

Okay, let’s get down to brass tacks… who’s guilty of bumping up the price a bit after catching sight of a shiny Maserati parked up front, am I right?

Jokes aside, this is a serious question I wanted to know the answer to.

I figured this subject would have been covered many times, but upon a quick Google search, I turned up nothing!

Sure there were articles about Amazon and Uber charging more for deliveries and rides to posh areas, but I wanted to know what fellow arborists were doing.

A question of morals

Now for some, this is a moral question. Me personally, I would always charge for the job, not the postcode. That being said, I would also tack a bit more on for travel time if the job was further away.

Tradesmen in general are always happy to give a pensioner discount, but generally dodge the question about charging more at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Chatting to your mates in private about such a subject is always different from online debate. People on social media tend to over-inflate their morals and virtue signal at nauseum.

I put it down to one of the cons of a PC society that self regulates members through social shaming. I want REAL answers!

So how do I get a straight answer?

An anonymous poll is how… see below for poll results

To the polls

I gave 3 options in the poll

  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends on the job

I also allowed arborists to add their own answers. Which they did…. and they also got votes:

Questions added by arborists

  • Depends on the person
  • Because everyone does. People with more money can afford it
voting battot box

I could have based it on a comment based poll, so people could explain why, and I’m sure there are some justifiable answers, but I was after an answer, more than a reason why.

Though after getting the results come in, I kind of wanted to know why?

But instead of having another poll and screwing with my anonyms results, I did some digging online.

I came across a forum thread called “Is it wrong to charge wealthy people more for the same service?”

And some of the answers/reasons there were quite interesting.

Actually I noticed a large difference in the data. People seemed to tip towards charging people more in rich areas. This was a conflicting result to my poll of just arborist.

The difference?

These were not business owners, but consumer’s opinions.

The results...

pie chart chargerich more

Taken from the first 100 comments in the forum discussion

Forum comments

No. Economic discrimination is not wrong on an individual level by an individual running a business. Your goal is to maximize your profits, and if charging the rich guy twice what you charge the other normal guy increases your profits substantially while maintaining your customer base, then it is the right business decision.


No, it isn’t wrong… it isn’t immoral to put your price at the highest point where someone is willing to pay in exchange for your services.

I would say yes it is morally wrong but how many of those guys got there by charging more than they should have for whatever they are selling.


Well, we really have to ignore what the customers above think and go with what the arborists are saying.

I wanted to find out if arborists were charging customers more in ritzy digs, and the answer, for the most part, is, no.

Well done lads!

Arborist poll results

votes for charging more in upmarket areas

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