Palm trees look best when they are regularly trimmed, but getting the timing right is going to save you time, money and result in a better-looking tree and property.

Palm trees should be trimmed during spring. This is the best time for the health of the tree as it is just before a growth spurt in summer, so shedding excess fronds allows the tree to pool resources towards healthier growth.

This will allow you to remove dead fronds from the last 12 months as well as the flowers that will result up the tree seeding and causing a mess.

palm tree trimmed in spring

Trimming a palm tree involves removing the dead and broken fronds. If you cut the top part of your palm tree, it will not grow back.

Advice from the university of Florida suggest the best way to prune is removal all dead fronds as well as live fronds below the horizon line. So wany branch what is pointing up, should be left alone.

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How to Trim Palm Trees

There are a wide variety of tools that can be used to trim palm trees. Ensure that your preferred equipment is well-sharpened and sterilized. Cleaning the tools helps to get rid of dirt and sap that may lead to the spread of soil-borne diseases. You can use a wire-bristle brush for the cleaning exercise. Bleach and disinfectant wipes can be used to disinfect the tools. Some of the common equipment that can be used to trim palm trees include garden knives and pruning saws.

The choice of equipment mainly depends on the size of the tree that needs to be trimmed. For example, a serrated knife is an ideal tool for trimming palm leaves

how to trim a palm tree

How fast will a trimmed Tree Grow?

The growth rate of your palm tree will depend on a wide variety of factors, including climatic conditions, the season, and how the trimming was done. If you trim the trees in winter or summer, the palm trees will not grow back fast due to the extreme weather conditions during the seasons.

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How Much Does Palm Tree Trimming Cost?

Several factors are considered when determining the cost of tree trimming services. For example, you will pay more for tall trees as compared to short ones. The cost for trimming palm trees that do not exceed 30 feet ranges between $75 and $400. If your palm trees exceed 60 feet, you will be required to pay between $200 and $1,200.

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Benefits of palm tree trimming

In most cases, the trees only grow new leaves when another one dies. Trimming involves cutting all palm fronds that are yellow, brown, or broken. There are many benefits of trimming palm trees, as explained below:

palm tree trimming fontana ca

Preventing Damages

Fronds from mature palm trees are large and sharp and can cause damage if not removed correctly and used in the right procedure. The injuries could affect your landscape, guests, or the tree itself. As a palm tree grows, it gets heavier; some of the leaves die, and they weigh down on the trees. If the dead leaves are not removed from the trees, they will break and tumble to the ground.

The falling of the fronds can be dangerous and may lead to liabilities if they hit an employee, customers, and their assets, or any other person in your property at the moment. If hurricane season hits when you have not trimmed your palm trees, there could be massive damage if the fronds break and fall.

To Improve the Health of the Trees

Trimming palm trees at the right time and using the right tools helps the trees to grow better, stronger, and healthier. Most palm trees get heavier as they grow, leading to high chances of breakages and cracking.

Trimming helps to remove the excess weight from the dead leaves. Caution should be taken when carrying out the task to avoid over-trimming, as the green leaves are responsible for supplying vital nutrients.

To Improve the Looks of your Property

Healthy palm trees help to improve the looks of your commercial property. One of the easiest ways to keep your palm trees healthy is by trimming them properly. Landscapes make the first impression when customers visit your commercial property. Therefore, trimming the trees will keep them tidy and create a positive impression on your customers.

If you plan to sell your property, you must keep your palm trees well-maintained. Unhealthy trees are referred to as deferred maintenance by potential buyers, home inspectors, and appraisers, and that will lead to a lower value. In most cases, you may be required to pay for trimming your palm trees before signing the sales agreement or the cost for the task is deducted from your asking price.

Eliminating rodents

Failure to remove all dead leaves on your palm tree will attract rats due to the scent of the fruits. Rats may seek refuge on dead fronds during the day and come out during the night to feed. By trimming your palm trees, you will also keep rats away from your home and hence prevent massive damages that they may cause to electrical wiring and other assets.

Avoiding Fire Break Outs

Dead palm leaves dry out within a short time. The longer you take to trim the dead fronds, the higher the chances of fire hazards as the dry leaves can easily catch a spark and spread it to the other trees in the area. Therefore, the dead leaves should be removed as soon as possible.


Trimming palm trees is something that should be done on a regular basis (every year) by a professional arborist. Keeping your palm trees well-trimmed is better for the palm’s health, the overall curb appeal of your property, and avoids other dangers and rodents.

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