Every type of tree, including the highly coveted palm varieties, is susceptible to diseases. The primary reasons for the demise of palm trees include illnesses, natural catastrophes, and lack of proper nutrients.

When palm trees get infected, they attract pests, pose a risk to the safety of your home and family, and possibly ruin the look and vibe of your property. When this happens, it’s best to contact tree trimming experts who are experienced in removing palm tree roots and stumps.

You can infer the death of your palm tree if you see any of the following problems:

Palm tree diseases and infections

There are times when your palm tree will suddenly start to show signs of contagious infections that can kill the tree. You can identify a dying or dead palm tree by the discoloration of most or all of its palm fronds as well as its trunk and base.

An infected palm tree must be removed as soon as possible to avoid spreading to other nearby trees.

When Should a Palm Tree Be Cut Down

Pest infestation

Having a lot of pests living on your palm tree will not only be an eyesore but can also contribute to major damage to the tree parts.

The most common pests that affect palm trees are palm aphids, spider mites, sucking insects, mealybugs, and caterpillars. You should check your tree regularly and improve its maintenance to dismiss all possibilities of pest infestation.

Discoloration of leaves and curled leaf edges are some of the signs of pest infestation on your palm tree. If you notice these or similar signs, it’s time to get rid of your palm tree.

Pest infestation

Neighborhood interference

If your palm tree is threatening any of your neighbor’s property, it’s time to get rid of it. This becomes unavoidable especially if your neighbor is already complaining about it.

Palm trees can grow quite big and tall and this may cause them to block your neighbor’s natural light or threaten any of their structures in a way.

If any of your neighbors are complaining about your tree, you may start by considering if trimming the tree will solve the problem. However, if trimming the tree wouldn’t put an end to the issue, you have to remove it completely.

Neighborhood interference

Invasive roots

When the roots of your palm tree are becoming too large, it is a threat to your property. Both the structure and the plumbing system close to the tree will be at risk when the roots are sending out horizontal invasive roots.

Structural property damage or plumbing damage caused by a palm tree’s root system can become very costly if you don’t act on it as soon as possible.

If you suspect that your palm tree roots are becoming invasive, you should consider contacting a professional arborist who will be able to decide if the tree needs to be removed or not.

Invasive roots

Nutrient deficiency

When your palm tree is not getting the required nutrients, it may end up being infected by diseases. Tree maintenance care is important if you want to keep your palm tree alive for a long time.

Always check to see whether the palm tree has enough nutrients, moisture, and fertilizer. When your palm tree starts to show signs of nutrient deficiency —such as uneven or stunted growth — you need to call the tree experts for assessment.

While some trees in this condition may be easily revived by trimming and supplying more nutrients and fertilizer, some palm trees may need to be removed as a result of this.

Nutrient deficiency

How long does a palm tree live?

An average palm tree lives for 70 to 80 years. While some can live for only 40 years on the downside, there are palm trees that live up to 100 years on the upside. The lifespan of a palm1 tree depends majorly on the palm species more than any other factor.

What happens when you don't trim a palm tree?

Trimming a palm tree is one of the maintenance habits that keep the tree in good shape and maintain its aesthetics. Palm trees that are not taken care of can be hazardous.

Fronds that are not pruned will eventually die and begin to fall on their own. This can lead to accidents or injury. Apart from the unattractiveness of the palm tree to the landscape, it can also contribute to fire hazards as a result of the dry fronts.

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Should I remove a dead palm tree?

A dead palm tree is a safety hazard. You should ensure that you cut down palm trees as soon as you notice that they are dead. This is to avoid any possibility of accidents.

Dead palm trees destroy the aesthetic of your lawn and contribute to fire hazards. If you’re able to remove the tree yourself, simply go for it, otherwise, reach out to tree service companies as soon as you observe a dead palm tree in your yard.

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