If you are exploring your options as far as tree removal is concerned, you might have noticed that tree removal can be quite costly. And so the question that will naturally come to mind is: do these costs cover stump removal?

No, tree removal doesn’t usually include stump removal. Therefore, if you want a tree service to remove both the tree and the stump, you should ask them to do so. This usually attracts additional charges.

Here is what you should know.

Does tree removal include removal of stump

What does tree removal entail?

When you pay for tree removal, you aren’t paying for stump removal, but are actually paying for the following things.

Cost of actually cutting the tree

This entails the cost of labor, expertise, and time it takes to actually cut the tree down. It is usually included as a primary item when calculating the cost of removal.

Cost of the tree removal equipment

The tree service has its own equipment, in which case it will incur depreciation costs. They may also have to rent equipment in order to safely remove a tree. Whichever the case, this cost is usually included in the price that they quote.

Cost of trimming the tree

If the tree that has to be removed has large branches and limbs, the tree service may have to trim them off before cutting the tree. If this is the case, then the tree service is unlikely to charge extra for this as it is a step in the tree removal process.

Cost of chopping the tree into sizeable and manageable chunks

Tree services sometimes need to cut the tree into several pieces in order to make it easier to remove. At other times, they do this in order to make it easier for the homeowner to relocate them. If they have to do this, they won’t charge you extra.

Cost of hauling away the cut tree

Although it is not always guaranteed that the tree service will haul away the cut tree at no extra charge, it is something that most reputable tree services do.

However, it is always good to confirm with your tree care service of choice, whether the cost of hauling is included in the quoted price.

What do you have to pay for separately?

Tree removal cost doesn’t usually include the cost of the following services. In order to get them, you have to pay for them separately.

Disposal of tree limbs

In the course of removing a tree, tree professionals may have to chop off its limbs in order to make it safer and easier to remove. If you want the tree service to remove the cut limbs from your property, you will have to pay extra.

Tree stump removal

Stump removal is typically not part of tree removal.

It often requires the use of different equipment or chemicals. There is also the fact that a significant portion of homeowners don’t mind having stumps on their property.

A combination of these two things often justifies keeping stump removal as a separate cost item. Therefore, if you need the tree service to remove a stump after tree removal, you will have to cater for the costs of stump removal.

Chipping limbs and debris

Instead of hauling away the limbs and debris, you can have the tree service convert them into chips. And since this is a service that isn’t necessary in all cases, it is never included when calculating the basic tree removal cost.

Therefore, if you need chippings, you will have to pay for the service separately.

Traveling costs

This is a cost that applies in cases where one lives far away from where the tree service is located. It may also be charged in cases where one is living in remote areas that are really hard to reach.

Since it will cost the tree service more to not only get there but also move equipment to the location, they may have to bill you for the additional expenses of having to get to your location.

Arborist report

If you need an arborist report, then you will have to pay extra. Whether the report is designed to justify removal or to assess the impact of the removal, its cost is never included in the quoted price. Anyone needing one is thus usually required to pay for it separately.

Is stump removal necessary?

Yes, stump removal is necessary.

Here are the main reasons why you should consider removing any stumps from your property.

Is stump removal necessary

It will discourage pest infestations

Tree stumps are an irresistible attraction to pests1. Some of these pests are attracted to them because they can provide shelter. Others because they are a source of food.

And so if you leave tree stumps all over your property, you can end up with a full-blown invasion of destructive pests. Stump removal is an easy and convenient way of preventing this.

It will reduce the risks of accidents

If you have children, they are likely to trip and injure themselves when playing in your yard2. Grownups can also trip and fall on tree stumps, especially at night.

Removing tree stumps is thus an easy way of making your yard safer. This is especially so if you remove both the stump and its roots.

It will improve the appearance of your property

When tree stumps stick out all over a property, they ruin its aesthetic appeal. It gets even worse when they start to rot and develop growths like fungi. The combined effect of uneven tree stumps and fungal growths will make almost any property ugly.

It will create space

Tree stumps take up space. And even when they don’t, they can get in the way of installing fixtures or establishing a garden. Removing it is an easy way of creating space on your property.

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Is it better to remove or grind a stump?

It is better to grind a stump.

Stump grinding is faster. It also doesn’t leave behind an ugly hole. And it often produces a byproduct – grindings – that can be used in mulching. There is also the fact that it takes less time and effort.

Is it better to remove or grind a stump

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