Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) removal varies depending on the size of the tree and who you contract to do the job.

The average cost of removing a Crepe Myrtle tree is $410. If you have a smaller tree, your estimate might go as low as $150, and you can budget for an estimate of $410 and above if you remove a larger tree.

The best saving tip I can give you is not to use a tree service for any tree smaller than 15 ft. A garden maintenance company can handle smaller trees, and it costs about half the price.

crepe myrtle removal cost graphic
Tree SizesLowHigh
Extra Large$800$1,500

Small Crepe Tree Removal

A small crepe tree is usually around 3 to 5 ft in height. These trees are usually the size of a garden flower or bush. Its average removal cost will range from $100 to $250, including stump removal.

Medium Crepe Tree Removal

This would be a myrtle tree of 10 – 15 ft in height and will cost an average fee of $200 – $350 for removal. Such trees are usually at their intermediate growth as they are not yet fully developed.

Large Crepe Tree Removal

A large Crepe tree will cost about $400 – $800 and above to remove. If they are in hard-to-reach places like in a backyard or behind a shed etc you could pay more than $1,240.

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Do I need a permit to remove a Crepe Myrtle tree?

To know whether you need a permit before removing a Crepe myrtle tree, it’s important to consider the size and location of such a tree. Trees on public lands will mostly require a permit before removing them. Most small trees do not require a permit before removal. However, for ordinance-sized Crepe myrtle trees, whether on your property or public land, you should abide by the city ordinance and have an approved permit to cut the tree.

Details on tree removal laws
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Factors That Influence The Cost of Removal

There are a few things that influence the quote you will be getting for your crepe tree removal cost. Some of them are discussed below:

Location of the Tree

The location of the Myrtle tree on your property can be an important influence on the cost of removal. Trees further away from the house will allow more access to machinery for easy removal. While a tree in proximity to your building might be harder to access with equipment.

Most times, companies resort to manual equipment for tree removal to protect the structure of your home and avoid accidents. This usually requires more labor hours, therefore increasing the cost of removal.

Height of the Tree

The height of a tree is another significant factor that influences the cost of your tree removal. A small tree is easier to remove, as there are fewer branches to cut off and a smaller stump to uproot. A taller tree will have more branches and a well-developed stump which will be more tasking to remove and will cost a larger fee.

The Volume/ number of branches

The volume of a tree is determined by the number of branches and the quantity of leaves it carries. The number of obstacles surrounding the tree such as windows, gates, fences or sheds will add to the cost of removal.

Time of year

Tree services are seasonal. If you can wait until the colder months or off-season, you will get a better price on the cost of Crepe Myrtle removal. Tree services have far less work in winter and will bid lower prices to secure work. When demand is low, but the supply of tree services remains the same, prices fall.

Should I prune Crepe Myrtle trees?

Pruning is one of the recommended ways of maintaining the Crepe myrtle tree. Correct pruning helps to mold the tree into a well-shaped tree with more blooms that are held upright on strong stems. It also helps the flowers to arrive earlier than those on unpruned or mispruned plants.

What's the best time of year to prune Crepe myrtle trees?

The best time to prune the crepe tree is late winter to early spring when it’s leafless. At this time, you can easily see all the branches and prune them correctly. Since it blooms on new growth, pruning won’t reduce the blooming but rather increase it.

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