The Warren tree ordinance serves as regulations designed to oversee the appropriate maintenance and use of trees in both public and private spaces throughout the city.

Yes, you need a permit to conduct any activity on city trees, including tree removal.

This article outlines some of the basic knowledge about tree removal requirements. By looking at Warren city codes, you get a full understanding of the tree removal process.

Yes. You can remove public trees provided that you get permission from the city officials. Removing a public tree without a permit is a serious offense and should be avoided.

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Do I need a permit to remove trees on my property in the city of Warren?

Yes. You are required to get a permit to remove or transplant trees on a lot of more than one acre zoned for single-family purpose dwelling.

It is again important to get one because the city protects even the protected trees on private property. The protected trees are:

  • Heritage trees

These trees carry historical meaning to the community. These are trees that remind the people of significant past events. Some of the trees can be tourist sites, and the city is keen on protecting them.

  • Significant trees

These trees have a great impact on the public. Any tree of importance to the public is categorized under significant trees. These trees impact the climate of the city, act as landmarks, and are of importance to the public.
Get a permit before removing these trees or else face hefty charges.

What are the requirements for relocating a tree in the city of Warren?

For you to relocate any tree within the city, you are to meet the following requirements:

  • Submit the proposed location where the trees are to be relocated.
  • Provide a statement explaining how the trees are to be moved, protected, and stored during land construction.
  • Provide a statement explaining the maintenance of the trees after construction.
  • Come up with ways on how the remaining trees are to be protected during land clearing, construction, and permanent. Some ways of protecting the trees include; using tree walls, protective barriers, tunnels, or retaining walls.

The Department may waive the relocating location requirement for areas 50 feet or more outside the construction zone. A statement indicating the predominant species, established number, and size of trees is to be provided.

Application for a tree removal permit in the city of Warren

The application for a tree removal permit is simple. It requires one to; submit a tree location survey along with an application form. The application form can be found in the Warren City Ordinance.

Some of the information needed to fill out the application includes:

  • The exact number of existing trees of 6 inches in diameter at breast height or greater
  • The number of trees to be removed.
  • For tree relocation, the proposed location, reason for relocation, protective measures for relocating trees, and remaining trees.

A tree permit application is complete after all information is filled, and the signature spots are signed.

The planning department reviews the form and either grants or denies the request. In case your request is denied, you can appeal after a specified period.

When is an on-site examination made by the city of Warren?

  • When a permit is requested to remove or transplant trees on more than one acre.
  • When a permit is requested in connection with the construction of a one-family dwelling lot of more than one acre
  • When a permit is requested to remove three or fewer trees.
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