The city of Oxnard has a tree ordinance in place, which serves as a comprehensive guide regarding trees to assist in regulating tree-related activities within the city.

Through this tree ordinance, tree removal or trimming is controlled. You will have to get a permit to remove some trees in the city.

To help you learn more, this summary will offer additional information on when to get a permit, street trees, and tree replacement.

Oxnard tree ordinance guideline provides further information.

Yes. It is possible to remove trees in the city of Oxnard. The city tree preservation order gives room for the removal of trees on streets by residents.

This happens only once you make an application for a street tree removal permit. Conditions under which such trees may be removed include;

  1. If the trees are becoming a nuisance to the public.
  2. In case the trees are obstructing the flow of traffic or the public’s right of way
  3. In case there is a major approved development about to take place
  4. When trees are dead
  5. If the trees are infested by any type of pests or diseases.

Can I plant street trees in Oxnard city?

Yes. You are allowed to plant trees in the city of Oxnard. However, you have to make sure that you obtain a permit from the city council.

When planting, you are also required to plant according to the city regulations and guidelines.

Tree removal permit in Oxnard city

It depends. When it comes to the removal of trees from private properties, it depends on whether they are protected or not. In case the trees are heritage, or significant, then you need to get a tree removal permit from the city department of public works.

Tree replacement in Oxnard

Once you remove trees in the city of Oxnard you will be required to replace them. This is a requirement for all the people who get a permit to remove trees in the city.

When doing the replacement, you have to make sure that you follow all the guidelines by the city council.

However, there are cases where you will not be required to replace trees. This can only be approved once found necessary by the city council tree division.

Oxnard City Fruit Tree Planting Program

This is a program by the city with the aim of increasing the number of fruit trees in the city. The program is run by the Department of Public Works. All the funds are used to increase the number of fruit trees by planting them including residents’ front yards all for free.

In addition, residents are also allowed to apply for fruit trees from the city council.

What happens if I do not get a tree removal permit from the city council?

When your application for a tree removal permit in Oxnard is rejected you have two options. One of them is that you can accept the decision and the second one is that you can appeal the decision.

There is room for appealing any decision concerning a tree removal permit. However, you have to make sure that you provide all the information that is necessary to support your appeal. You have to provide a report from an independent arborist to support your appeal.

Is it illegal to remove protected trees without a permit in Oxnard?

Yes. It is an offense to remove a protected tree in Oxnard City without getting a permit. Once found guilty, the punishment is in terms of fines.

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