Lansing tree ordinance is a set of rules governing urban forestry’s proper care for over 30 years.

You will need a permit to remove trees on some trees on private property and all trees in the public spaces of Lansing.

It is essential to understand the city’s appropriate tree removal process to avoid issues with the city. The Lansing city code contains all information about tree removal and other tree maintenance regulations.

If a tree is dead, has already fallen, or is hazardous, you can remove it without a permit. It is also possible to remove a tree listed as an invasive species, but with most other trees, the city will first need to approve any work done trimming or removing trees.

Removal of a tree without consulting the city leads to hefty charges.

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Who is responsible for the trees in the city of Lansing?

The city is responsible for tree trimming, removal, stump grinding, and emergency tree work for all parks and street trees. The Department of Public Works annually plants, cares, and maintains trees along the streets and city parks.

Can the city of Lansing remove trees on private property?

Yes. If the city detects any tree infested with pests, especially the Gypsy Moth, the city has the power to enter any premises and remove or treat the tree. The costs are to be covered by the property owner. A notice is to be issued to the owner to correct the condition before the city takes action.

Can the city of Lansing remove a tree in my property without a permit?

No. The city officials need to obtain a written permit before accessing any private property. The main reason why the city is granted this permit is noncompliance from the property owner.

Suppose the city detects any conditions that need to be rectified. The property owner gets notice is issued to the owner, and a period specified. Noncompliance gives the city authority to work on the condition and necessary action taken against the property owner.

The owner is to pay for the costs the city incurred together with additional penalties.

Can homeowners plant trees in Lansing city?

Yes. The city of Lansing encourages people to plant approved trees along the parkway. The residents are, however, required to contact the Environment Service Administrator before any tree planting. This allows the city representatives to visit the site to ensure the right tree species are planted, and adequate space is available.

Are there approved city trees suitable for planting in the city of Lansing?

Yes. Lansing’s city has outlined prohibited trees that are not to be planted due to their invasive nature. The tree species include; Amur Maple, Downy Serviceberry, Allegheny Serviceberry, Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry, Eastern Redbud, White Fringe tree, Chinese Fringe tree, Crabapple, Japanese Snowbell, and Japanese Tree Lilac.
Planting any of the above species is a violation of the city code.

The Gypsy Moth problem in the city of Lansing

The Gypsy Moth is an insect species invasive to trees that have caused trees damage over the past years. There is a resurgence of the insects, especially during dry spring conditions. Note that dry conditions help reduce the effect of the pathogen. Entomophaga maimaiga kills the Gypsy Moth caterpillar and acts as a suitable control method for the pest.

Residents are requested to help the city monitor and control the pest to prevent the spread to uninfected trees. Early identification of the pathogens can save the infested tree as it is easily treatable during the early stages of infestation.

Is it unlawful to fail to comply with tree removal notice?

Yes. The city has its reasons to request any tree removal activity. Failure to comply leads to hefty charges or serving a jail term. If you feel the notice is not fair, you can appeal against it.

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