Edison ordinance is there to ensure city trees’ well-being, proper maintenance, and protection of trees within the city.

Edison ordinance is there to ensure city trees’ well-being, proper maintenance, and protection of trees within the city.

You will need a permit to remove trees in the city of Edison.

To avoid hefty charges associated with violations of tree removal guidelines, go through the Edison city code to understand all the required steps to be taken before tree removal. Let’s briefly discuss some important information you need to know about tree removal within the city.

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Can I remove my trees without a permit in the city of Edison?

No. You need one, but it depends on the tree to be removed. Trees that may not need a permit include dead or dying trees, heritage trees, and significant trees.

Heritage trees are those that have historical meaning to the community, and significant trees are those of importance to the public. Significant trees may include trees that impact the environment or trees that serve the public in any way.

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Do I need to replace trees I removed in the city of Edison?

Yes. Tree replacement depends on the reason for removal and the type of tree species removed. If the reason for removal is to expand public walkways and the tree species removed is invasive, there is no need for replacement.

Tree replacement can be done in different ways such as;

  • Planting approved tree species of the same size as the tree removed.
  • Planting one or more trees to equal the value of the tree removed.
  • Compensating the city with an amount equivalent to the value of the tree removed.
  • Any combination of the above that the city decides on.

This is one of the requirements before any tree removal permit is issued. The tree replacement plan is required for removing more than 25 percent of the trees on the property.

What are the requirements for a tree removal permit application in the city of Edison?

When applying for a tree removal permit, the following requirements have to be met:

  • All existing trees on the property market with a circle. Any tree marked with X on the circle must be removed.
  • The applicant has to provide the correct diameters for all identified trees on the property.
  • The applicant has to provide a reason for the removal of the proposed trees.
  • Evidence is needed for dead, dying, or diseased trees.
  • Evidence can be in the form of pictures that must appear in the application. It can also be a statement from an arborist or any certified tree personnel stating the tree’s conditions.
  • A tree replacement plan
  • Required one shade tree for every 50 feet of frontage
  • The trees to be removed are to be marked with a ribbon or paint for inspection.

What are the circumstances that lead to the removal of trees in the public space of Edison?

Any individual who desires to remove a tree if:

  • The tree obstructs the public in any way.
  • Are diseased or insect-infested
  • Are dead or dying
  • Pose a threat to life
  • Obstructs the view of traffic or pedestrians
  • Leads to inadequate utilization of public utilities such as street lamps
  • Interfere with public utilities such as power lines, sewer lines, and much more.

Failure to comply with the Edison tree ordinance

Anyone who violates any rule stated in the Edison tree ordinance is subjected to penalties included in the city codes that may constitute a fine or jail term.

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