In Cook County, there are specific tree ordinance regulations in place to oversee any activities involving trees, aimed at safeguarding environmental conservation.

For the removal of some types of trees in Cook County, you will have to get a permit.

This is a summary that will enable you to understand some of the trees that require permits when to get the permit, any penalties, protection techniques and so much more.

Checking the Cook County tree ordinance guide you get more details.

Tree removal permit Cook Country

Yes. But under certain conditions.

You will need to get a permit if you would like to remove a deciduous tree on an unimproved, improved without a Commissioner of Building and Zoning permit, or partially improved land, and with a trunk size above 6 inches diameter when taken at 6 inches above evergreen trees that measure 10 ft and above in height.

Conditions for tree removal permit approval in Cook County

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The Building and Zoning Department commissioner does not approve all permit applications. Only if the application or tree meets any of the following.

  1. If the trees in question are posing a safety hazard to buildings, pedestrians, or traffic.
  2. In case the trees are pests infested, diseased, or damaged seriously by either fire, storm, lightning or any other injury.
  3. Tree removal is dictated to be good practice for the forest for the sake of other trees.
  4. If they are designated on an already approved landscaping plan.

Are there penalties for illegal tree removal in Cook county?

Yes. There are protected trees in Cook County and all residents should follow the tree preservation guidelines. In case anyone is found guilty of removing trees that are protected without getting a permit then they will be fined heavily. In some cases, you may be required to replace the trees. The commissioner of building and zoning is in charge.

Tree Protection techniques in Cook County

When working close to protected trees, these are the recommended steps you can take to make sure that you protect any protected trees.

  • Construction of temporary barriers in case of developments.
  • Avoid using construction or grading equipment close to the encroachment line of preserved trees.
  • Protect the trees from any detrimental materials such as crushed limestone and other materials.
  • Proper storage of materials and equipment.
  • Ensure that utility lines and trees do not cause damage to each other.

Cook County Replacement of trees

Any damaged or removed trees have to be replaced in the county of Cook.

However, different species are treated differently.

If it is Deciduous trees and they are protected, then you have to make sure that any trees that are either removed, destroyed, or damaged are replaced on a ratio of 3 inches of the caliper for each that is removed.

For Coniferous trees which are among the designated trees, then any damage or removal of one tree, for each foot is replaced at a rate of 3 more.

However, the commissioner will provide details of trees that need replacement in Cook County.

Can I appeal the decision by the commissioner concerning tree permit?

Yes. The county offers its residents a chance to appeal any decision given by the Office of Building and Zoning.

As a result, once you have received the decision you have a chance to appeal. However, you have to make sure that you make the appeal within the period given. Make sure you pay a fee in case there is any, and provide a report from an independent arborist.

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