Toms River ordinance regulates the removal of trees and proper maintenance of existing trees within the city.

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Remember: For you to remove any trees in the city, you will need a permit.

This overview summarizes tree removal activities in Toms River.

Visit Toms River city codes to understand the tree removal process requirements fully.

Do I need a permit to remove trees in my property in the City of Toms River?

Yes. You require a tree removal permit before the removal of any standing or dead trees within the city. However, the $75 permit fee is waived for the removal of dead or dying trees.

Removal of one or more trees for construction purposes or for; continued use of a single-family dwelling or two-family residential dwelling is exempted from the Tree Management plan.

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When is a tree removal permit required in the City of Toms River?

tree removal permit is required; before any tree removal activity for a tree with 4 inches in diameter at breast height or more on a lot containing one or two-family residential dwelling.

Where can I apply for a tree removal permit in the City of Toms River?

One makes a tree removal application at the Office of Planning, Zoning, and Community Development. One has to give a photo of each proposed tree to be removed during the application. Any application requesting the removal of 10 or more trees is referred to as the Township Forrester for review and approval.

Do I need a permit to prune a tree in Toms River city?

No. Pruning does not require a permit.

Toms River tree permit application

The following requirements are to be submitted when applying for a tree removal permit:

  • Complete the application form. Once you fill in all the needed information, and get the signature spot signed and well-dated, your application is complete.
  • Check to be paid to Toms River Township. The amount to be paid is $75. No fee applies for the removal of dead trees or those requiring removal due to storm damage.
  • Submit photos of trees you want to be removed.

Removal of 10 or more trees is referred to as the Township Forrester for review and approval. This process takes 7 to 10 days.

Do I need to replace the city trees I removed in Toms River city?

It depends. If you remove a tree to expand the public right of way, tree replacement is required. Other instances that tree replacement is not required include removing invasive tree species such as Amur and other prohibited species growing in the city.

Examples of some of the invasive tree species

The city of Toms River discourages planting invasive tree species such as; Amur Maple, Autumn Olive, Box Elder, Common Reed, Japanese Burberry, Norway maple, Russian olive, and many more.

Consult with the Office of Planning, Zoning, and Community Development to get the full list of tree species discouraged in Toms River City.

Responsibilities of owners of trees encroaching public land in Toms River city

Suppose your tree is abutting on public property. In that case, you must treat, trim, spray, and protect the trees from diseases and pests, remove dead trees and overhanging boughs, remove infected plants, and remove trees that negatively affect the public.

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