Paterson tree ordinance is a set of rules that ensure proper care and maintenance of trees growing within the City.

NB: For you to remove any city tree in Paterson, you need a permit.

It is essential to know the different tree removal requirements to avoid issues with the Department of Public Works.

Be in the know of some critical tree removal requirements by going through this article. Remember to visit Paterson city codes for clarity.

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Can the City of Paterson deny the provision of a tree removal permit?

Yes. It is the responsibility of the Department of Public Works to issue tree removal permits. For every application made, one should give satisfying reasons why the tree should be removed.

If the Department feels the reason is not valid, they have the power to reject the request. In case one is not satisfied with the City’s decision, they can appeal.

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Can the City of Paterson remove trees on private property?

Yes. If the Department of parks and Shade tree finds any tree that; is a threat to life, interferes with the flow of traffic, is diseased or insect-infested, or is dead or dying, it can authorize the removal of such a tree.

The property owner gets a notice and a time specified. After the time has elapsed and no corrections are made, the Department has the power to access the private property and correct the condition. The cost the Department incurs is paid together with additional penalties stated in the Fees and Charges chapter in the Paterson city codes.

Who is responsible for city trees in Paterson?

The Department of Public Works has a subdivision, park, and shade tree division headed by the superintendent of gardens and shade trees. The division is responsible for any activity involving city trees.

For private properties, the property owner is responsible for all the trees on his land.

What are the responsibilities of the Department of parks and the shade tree in the City of Paterson?

The Department of Parks and shade trees is supposed to; plant, trim and care for trees in a public way and maintain all playfields, public parks, greens, playgrounds, and shade trees.

Who covers the costs of city tree removal in the City of Paterson?

The City is responsible for the trees in public spaces, and property owners are accountable for the trees on their property. If your tree is abutting on public property, you cover the costs of any tree trimming or removal.

Do I have to replace the trees I removed in Paterson city?

Yes. If you remove any public tree, you have to replace it. The Department of Parks and the shade tree have to determine whether there is a need for replacement. Removal of invasive tree species, dead or dying city trees, and trees in the public right of way do not necessarily require replacements.

If anybody is permitted to remove trees for self-gain, has to compensate the City in the following ways:

  • Plant a tree same species and size as the tree removed
  • Pay an amount equivalent to the value of the tree removed
  • Plant trees equivalent to the value of the one removed

Violation of Paterson city tree removal code

Anyone who violates any tree removal requirement stated in the city codes is to pay a fine to be determined by the court or serve a jail term.

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