The tree ordinance is a program that offers as much information as possible in Oakland outlining how the handling of trees should be regulated.

In that case, there are trees that will require a removal permit before either trimming or removal.

Check out the summary below to learn which ones you should get a permit for. The summary also offers details on how to remove street trees, get a permit, and emergency cases.

Download: the Oakland city tree ordinance guide, and you will get more information.

You will need a permit when doing any of the following activities.

  1. When you want to remove a protected tree in the city of Oakland
  2. The permit must be reviewed by the city authority before issuing and considering several factors. In other conditions such as building, demolition, and grading it may be considered.
  3. All the tree permits obtained will only be valid for a period of one year after the date of issuance. In case there is a need for an extension, you have to request it through a written application to the city tree reviewer.
  4. Public street trees are among protected trees and you need a permit.
  5. Heritage trees growing on private land are protected and need a permit for removal as well.

Do I need a permit in case of an Emergency?

No. In case there is an emergency and a protected tree needs to be removed, you do not need a permit.

In such cases, the need for a permit is waived by the director or any other designee. However, you are required to report the emergency removal to the parks and recreation office within one business day.

Can I transfer my tee removal permit in Oakland?

Yes. The city allows one to transfer their permit from to another applicant only under the conditions below.

  • The new applicant must meet all the conditions or requirements set by the city for this criteria.
  • Before the transfer is done, both the current permit holder and the new one must send a notarized statement showing details of names, addresses, the reason for transfer, telephone numbers, and effective dates to the city tree reviewer.
  • Identifications for both parties are a must
  • The new applicant is required to pay a fee determined by the city to facilitate the transfer.

How do I apply for a tree removal permit in Oakland?

The first step in applying for a tree removal permit in Oakland is downloading the necessary form through this link

A non-development tree removal permit is the required permit when you are removing trees on private, public property, or backyards.

When making this application, you need to provide all details such as the name of the applicant, location, trees to be removed, size, species, their location, and the reason for removal among other details.

In addition, you have to pay the fee of $434.20.

City of Oakland Tree Removal permit application Appeal

Once you have made your application for a tree removal permit in some cases the review might decline the application.

You will be provided with a decision with details of why the application was rejected.

However, you are free to appeal the decision within a period of 30 days after the original decision.

Can I plant street trees in Oakland?

Yes. If you obtain a permit from the director of public works, you must follow all the guidelines set in place by the city authority in relation to planting and taking care of street trees.

Here is a list of street trees in Oakland.

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