Newark tree ordinance is a set of regulations ensuring proper care and maintenance of trees within Newark’s city.

NB: You will need a permit to remove trees within the city of Newark.

Find out more about tree removal requirements by reading the information below. Find out more about Newark city codes for a clear understanding of the tree removal process.

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Yes. The city is keen on maintaining trees in the town, and therefore to remove any, you need to apply and procure a permit. You are required to state the reason for tree removal and the tree replacement plan.

The public works director or his or her designee is the one to issue such permits.

Do I need a permit to remove trees on private property in the city of Newark?

Yes. Maintenance and removal of trees on private property is the owner’s responsibility, but for protected trees, one has to get a tree removal permit. Protected trees in the city of Newark include; heritage trees and significant trees.

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Can I plant trees in the public space of Newark city?

Yes. Prior to any tree planting, you have to consult with the public works director who has to confirm the tree to be planted is of the required species and if there is enough space for the tree.

Planting and maintaining a tree within 10 feet of the curb line must be approved by the public works director. Anyone in violation of this code is to pay a fine of $2 for each day you commit the offense.

Can the city of Newark order the removal of trees on private property?

Yes. If a tree interferes with traffic flow, poses a threat to life, or is diseased or insect-infested, the city orders the tree’s removal through a written notice to the property owner. The owner gets a specified period to remove the tree failure to which the city removes it and the costs to be covered by the owner. Included after that are any additional charges.

Can the city of Newark deny the provision of a tree removal permit?

Yes. It is the public works director’s responsibility to determine if the reason to remove the tree is valid and ensure that it does not alter the beauty of the city.  You might not get the permit if the reason you provide does not satisfy the public works director.

If the applicant is not satisfied with the director’s decision, he or she can appeal against the decision to the city manager who makes the final ruling.

Who is responsible for the public trees in the city of Newark?

The public works director or his designee can remove or order the removal of trees in public spaces. They are also responsible for maintenance practices such as planting, pruning, and treating.

What are the penalties for tree removal violations of the Newark city codes?

Any violations of the city codes are charged, and all penalties, fines, and costs shall be a lien on the property owner. All unpaid fines, penalties, and fees imposed by any court for the violations add to property tax billings for property subject to violation.

If the city conducts any tree removal activity on behalf of a property owner due to non-compliance, the owner must pay the city public works director the costs incurred. Failure to do so, the owner appears before a court and is ordered to make payments of fines, serve a jail term, or both.

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