Moreno Valley is a municipality with a tree regulation aimed at guiding and managing the treatment of trees to promote a healthier environment and enhance tree coverage.

You will have to get a permit to either trim or remove some of the trees in the Moreno Valley area.

Here you will find a summary of the tree ordinance explaining when you need a permit, tree hazards, how to get one, and some of the trees that need a permit in this city.

For more details on the tree ordinance, check the city tree ordinance sheet.

Yes. But under certain conditions.

In the city of Moreno Valley, you are free to remove your tree in case there are unavoidable circumstances such as a dead tree. In this case, you do not need to obtain a permit or anything.

In case the trees are interfering with public utilities such as power lines or gas lines you are also free to remove them.

However, in case your trees are heritage or significant trees and do not fall under any of the above categories then you have to obtain a tree removal permit.

Can I remove public trees in the city of Moreno Valley?

No. The city does not allow anyone to remove or damage public trees in any way. Anyone found guilty of such an offense will be punished.

Tree hazards in the city of Moreno Valley?

The city of Moreno identifies hazard trees as those trees that have structural defects that are visible and are likely to make the whole tree or part of it fail and cause danger to the public. Such trees can be either private or public trees.

Parkways trees are those trees planted in commercial or residential areas and between a sidewalk and a curb.

Authorized trees for planting in Moreno Valley City

The city of Moreno Valley has specific details on which tree species are authorized for planting in the area. As a result, as a resident of Moreno Valley, you have to make sure that whenever you are planting trees you follow these guidelines.

These are trees that are indigenous to Moreno Valley and the climate. The planting layout should take into consideration things such as the surrounding environment and developments.

Maintenance of Public Trees in Moreno Valley

The responsibility of maintaining public trees is left to the entity or part involved with the trees. This means, that if the trees are in the city, it is the work of the city parks and community service department to maintain and take care of them.

However, other entities such as the Moreno Valley community service district have the authority to maintain, prune, or even remove public trees.

However, public trees can only be removed under the following circumstances.

  • In case the trees are posing a threat or danger to the public.
  • If the work is done to improve the well-being of other neighboring trees or the ground around.
  • If the trees are obstructing traffic flow or traffic lights.
  • In case the trees are diseased or dead.
  • When the trees are interfering with public utilities such as power lines or gas lines.

Are there penalties for illegal tree removal?

Yes. The city of Moreno Valley has very clear guidelines concerning the breaking of laws in relation to the tree preservation order. As a result, anyone who is found guilty of breaching these laws by removing or working on protected trees in any other way will be punished through a fine of not more than $1000.

Ben McInerney
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