Jersey City code ensures the preservation of existing city trees and planting new city trees to promote the public’s health.

You need a permit to remove city trees in the city.

Illegal tree removal activity within Jersey is a severe offense. This article briefly explains the essential tree removal requirements. Visit Jersey City codes for more information about tree removal guidelines.

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Can I remove my trees without a permit in Jersey City?

Yes. The only trees growing on private property that require a permit are the protected ones. Visit the Division of Parks and Forestry to get a list of the protected trees.

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Can I plant a tree in the public space of Jersey?

Yes. Although you have first to obtain a written permit. The code allows any property owner to plant a tree in the public right of way abutting his or her property. The Division of parks and forestry provide the permit. The permit is issued after the following conditions have been met:

  • The tree species to be planted should be from the recommended list.
  • The owner agrees to carry liability insurance. This is to cover for the damages or injuries encountered during the process.
  • The owner has to engage a private landscaper or request the Division to plant the trees on their behalf. If one makes tree planting requests to the city, they will have to pay for the costs charged.

Who is responsible for city trees in Jersey City?

It is the Division of Parks and Forestry’s duty to plant, prune, and remove trees in Jersey’s public space.

Who covers the costs of tree removal in the city of Jersey?

For trees abutting on public property, the owner is to cover all trimming or tree removal costs.

Before the owner gets the permit to remove trees, they have to make payments to the city equivalent to the tree’s value. This value is defined by the Division of parks and forestry annually.

Who determines tree removal in the city of Jersey?

The Municipal Forrester determines the removal of a city tree. The Forrester then notifies the Division of Parks and Forestry.  The Division of Parks and Forestry has to conduct or oversee the tree removal process.

City tree removal permits application in Jersey

Tree removal permit application in Jersey is like this:

The applicant must fill in the tree removal application form provided by the Division of Parks and Forestry.  For an application to be termed complete, the form is filled and returned to the department. A fee, provided in the Fees and Charges chapter in the Jersey City code, is paid.

The department then determines whether the reason for tree removal is valid and whether to grant the permit or not.

Who can apply for a tree removal permit in Jersey City?

Anyone can apply for a tree removal permit provided they have valid reasons. Frequent tree removal applicants are homeowners, property owners, and certified tree companies.

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