Elizabeth tree ordinance recognizes that trees provide aesthetic, environmental, and economic values to the city residents. There is a need for proper care and maintenance of the trees.

NB: Anyone who desires to remove a tree in the city of Elizabeth must obtain a tree removal permit.

Through Elizabeth city codes, the city has laid out all the regulations concerning tree removal and the penalties for any violations. Information you need to know about tree removal services in Elizabeth City is summarized below.

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Are there prohibited trees in Elizabeth city?

Yes. The city discourages the planting of certain tree species due to their invasive nature. The maple is an excellent example of some of the prohibited trees.

Who is responsible for the city trees in Elizabeth city?

The City Shade Tree Division has to oversee any planting, pruning, preservation, and removal of trees in townships’ right of way.

When does the city of Elizabeth recommend the removal of a tree on private property?

The City of Elizabeth highly values trees; therefore, tree removal is the last resort. The Shade Tree Division has the power to order the removal of trees growing on private property that;

  • Are dead, diseased, or dying
  • Pose a threat to life
  • Are causing an obstruction that cannot be fixed by punning
  • Are crowding or causing harm to other trees
  • Need to be replaced by more suitable species
  • Are to be removed for sidewalk improvements.

Does the city of Elizabeth offer free tree planting to its residents?

Yes. The union offers tree-planting services to city residents upon request.

Free tree planting in the city of Elizabeth

The tree planting service offered by the Township Union is done twice a year, in late spring and late fall. When deciding what tree species to plant, the union selects different species each year based on the city arborist’s recommendations.

Homeowners are given notice before any planting activity. The owners can contact Elizabeth Public Works Department to submit their request or get more information on the tree planting service.

Are there trees recommended for planting in Elizabeth city?

Yes. Trees recommended by the Department of Planting are those that have a vertical root growth, not horizontal. This is to prevent damage to sidewalks and other public utilities such as sewer lines. Some of the recommended tree species are; Silver Pear, Chanticleer Plum, and Purple Leaf.

What are the responsibilities of owners of trees encroaching public land?

The property owner must ensure;

  • That the trees are treated, trimmed, sprayed, and protected from diseases and pests
  • Proper removal of dead trees and overhanging boughs that pose a threat to the public
  • Reduction of disease-infected and insect-infested trees

Failure to comply with the notice issued by the city of Elizabeth

The Shade Tree Division administers a written or oral complaint to the owner to make necessary arrangements before the given period elapses. If no action is taken, the city oversees the treatment or removal of the tree. The division can choose to take legal action depending on the risk caused by the tree.

Do I need to replace the public trees I removed in the city of Elizabeth?

Yes. Any public tree removed requires a replacement except for the invasive species, dead or dying trees, trees within the public right of way, and trees removed for expansion of sidewalks.

Some of the compensation methods include;

  • Planting or transplanting an approved tree species of the same size as the tree removed.
  • Planting of one or more trees to equal or exceed the value of the tree removed.
  • Paying the city an amount equal to the value of the removed tree
  • Any of the above combinations

The Shade Tree Division is the one to decide on the appropriate mode of compensation. In case of any appeals, check with the Public Works Department.

Ben McInerney
Author: Ben McInerney - Ben is a qualified arborist with 15 plus years of industry experience in Arboriculture. He ran a successful tree service before turning to writing and publishing. Ben is dedicated to providing users with the most accurate up-to-date information on everything trees.