Dearborn tree ordinances are in place to protect the canopy cover of the City which does a lot for local residents such as reducing summer city temperatures and cleaning the air.

You’ll need to obtain a tree removal permit from Dearborn City to cut down most trees on your property. There are exemptions such as dead trees, fallen trees, and invasive species.

Tree removal should abide by or be conducted per the City of Dearborn code. If one violates, one can be subjected to severe penalties. For more information concerning Dearborn city codes and ordinances, go through this summary.

Yes. All residents who need to remove a tree from the private or public property must obtain a permit from the county council department. In case this is violated, one can be fined or even serve a jail term.

The City has mandates to protect and conserve all high-quality and healthy trees within Dearborn. According to the city ordinance, a permit is a must-have when removing or relocating any street-growing tree or that with a diameter at breast height (DBH) of 16 inches or more on private property.

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What included in the Dearborn tree removal permit application?

To remove any tree from the City, you have to send a permit application before working on the tree. It is important to note that not all applicable permits are granted. Here are some of the things you’re required to give:

  • Owners’ names and addresses.
  • Phone number.
  • Location to which the subject tree grows.
  • Reasons for removal.
  • If applicable, contractors’ information including name, address, phone number, etc.
  • Tree species (if any)
  • Estimated date of tree removal and replacement.

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Street tree care and maintenance in Dearborn

It is the responsibility of the city council to take care of and maintain the city trees. The panel encourages the residents to plant more trees on private properties to reduce energy consumption and keep the neighborhoods attractive and healthier.

Trimming and maintaining of trees growing on public property are conducted on a five-year cycle. This helps to do overhead clearance and removal of deadwood sections. A notice is posted to the neighborhoods before tree trimming or removal. No charges are held for homeowners.

Contractors and residents are prohibited from pruning, trimming, or removing City trees. In case you find a city tree that needs to be cut or removed, report it to the city council.

Note that the City maintains no trees located on private property. It is the owners’ responsibility to work on the trees; however, you must first obtain the permit.

Issuance of tree permits in the City of Dearborn

Just as we earlier said. Not all applications submitted are approved. Tree removal permits are issued by the department if:

  1. The issuance of the permit will not jeopardize the property rights of other property owners.
  2. The applicant has sufficient tree property interest to remove it.
  3. The removal will pose no danger to the public or private property.
  4. Tree removal will only be conducted by a fully insured and licensed tree service. However, if you’re to remove the tree yourself, you have to satisfy the department that there is no need for insurance or a license.
  5. In case there is a removal fee attached to the tree species, it must be paid in full.
  6. On the application, the applicant must satisfy the department that either the replacement or relocation plan set in place will occur within the stipulated time.

What are exemptions to tree removal permits in Dearborn?

A tree may be exempted from the permit totally or partially.

A total exemption applies to all trees less than 6 inches DBH. This means that you’ll need no permit to remove such trees.

Partial exemption applies to dead or diseased trees. According to the city code, any person who desires to remove such trees must obtain a permit; however, no fees are needed to remove them, unlike healthy trees. You will still need not relocate or replace the dead or diseased tree.

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