The Arvada tree ordinance consists of regulations designed to safeguard trees located throughout the city and on public lands.

You need a permit to remove city trees on private property as they are all protected by the city.

In some cases, you might not need to go through the permit process if the tree is dead or has already fallen. I would document this before removal.

Full: tree ordinance for Arvada.

Tree removal permit Arvada

No. As long as the tree is not on public land, you do not require a permit. If you have protected trees on your property, then you will need a permit before removal.

Protected trees include heritage and significant trees. Heritage trees are those that have historical meaning to the community. Significant trees are those that have an impact on the environment or affect the climate of the city due to canopy loss or wildlife support.

Still not sure?

If you are still unsure, it might be best to speak to a local tree service. They are all up to date on local land clearing laws and would be happy to give you free advice.

It’s worth noting they are unable to remove trees illegally as they would face heavy fines, so giving you correct information is in their best interests also.

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Do I need a permit to remove city trees in the city of Arvada?

Yes. The city protects all trees on public property; therefore, to remove any trees or activities on public trees, you have to get a permit.

Who is responsible for city trees in the city of Arvada?

The city has the power to remove, trim, prune, and protect all trees in the city. The city council again has the authority to adopt rules and regulations governing tree removal in public areas.

Collection of fallen city tree leaves, removal of stumps, and other city tree maintenance services are all covered by the city.

Tree removal permit Arvada 2

Does the city have the authority to remove trees on private property?

Yes. The city has the power to request the owner to remove trees that obstruct city signs, warning lights, or those located on the property line and any adjacent street. The owner is required to remove trees that:

  • Project into the right of way
  • Are diseased or infested
  • Pose a risk or any threat to the public
  • Obstruct the view of traffic or pedestrians
  • Interferes with public utilities

Any uncooperative response from the owner gives the city authority to enter the property, remove, trim, or prune the conspicuous tree.

What circumstances lead to city public trees removal in Arvada?

Public city trees are removed if;

  • They are infested or diseased.
  • They are an obstruction to the public in any way.
  • The tree is dead.
  • The tree is a risk or possesses any threat.
  • It is obstructing the view of traffic or pedestrians.
  • It blocks street lights and other warning signs.
  • The tree interferes with any public utility, be it power cables or sewer lines.

Notice on tree removal on private property

The city gives written notice to the property owner to remove, trim, or cut trees between the property line and any adjacent street.

The notice includes a notice of the conspicuous place on the property.

Is it unlawful to fail to comply with the tree removal notice in Arvada?

Yes. If you fail to comply with the requirements within 10 days of service, necessary action will be taken against the property owner. The city files a complaint charging a violation of the city ordinance.

Who covers city tree removal costs in the city of Arvada?

The city is responsible for any tree removal or maintenance costs for trees on public land. Activities such as tree planting, pruning, removal, and stump removal are the city council’s responsibility to cater to the expenses.

The trees on private property that obstruct the public are removed at the owner’s expense.

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