Trimming shrubs is essential for maintaining the aesthetic appearance of your home and ensuring your safety. Untrimmed bushes and shrubs can become a haven for pests like rats and burrowing creatures, leading to infestations that can harm your property. Additionally, overgrown shrubs might attract snakes and hazardous insects, posing a significant risk to your safety.

For this reason, it is essential to find a reliable shrub trimming service near you to trim and maintain your hedges and shrubs. With proper maintenance, shrubs will not only make your home appealing but also make it safe and accessible. Do your homework and compare several companies before selecting the best fit for the job.

The reason why you need to compare several companies is to check their rates and know the price range of the work. Also, it will be easier for you to select the most reasonable cost for the project.

The average cost to trim a shrub is about $60 to $75 per hour or $6 to $8 per shrub. Depending on your contractor, you can either pay hourly rates or per-shrub rates. This cost may vary depending on the difficulty of the job, location, and additional services. For example, a stable bush will cost less to trim than those in support or flower gardens.

To get a more reasonable price for the job, you can ask your contractor to give you a fixed rate based on how many hours the bush trimming job is likely to last. Fixed rates are much better because sometimes the project might take longer than expected due to hiccups.

Below is a list of shrub trimming costs depending on their sizes.

Size in ft.SizePrice
Average cost6 ft.$30 to $75
Small shrub4 ft.$15 to $40
Medium Shrub6 ft.$40 to $75
Large shrub9 ft.$75 to $150
Cost per man hour1 hour$60 to $75

It costs about $15 to $40 to trim a small shrub, while a medium shrub can cost about $40 to $75. A large shrub will cost between $75 and $150, and an extra-large shrub will $150 to $300. 

If you want haul-off and clean-up services, you can pay an additional cost of between $25 and $100, depending on the size of the bush. To save some dollars, you can decide to clean up and dispose of the waste yourself.

Your contractor will measure the size of your shrub and give you the price for the project. If you are DIYing the trimming work, you can estimate the shrub’s size and acquire the necessary tools for the job.

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Difference between a shrub and a tree

Both shrubs and trees are woody perennial plants.  However, the main difference is that trees are usually over 12 feet in height, and have a diameter of more than three inches. In addition, trees have one central stem and a distinct head.

On the other hand, shrubs are smaller than trees and have several stems protruding from near the plant’s soil line. You can train a shrub to become a small tree with one stem, but you must start when it is about one year old.

Choosing a good shrub trimming service near me

The tree trimming industry is full of con artists, just like all the other industries. However, this does not mean you cannot find a legitimate company to work with. You only have to be cautious and do your homework. The following tips will guide you to choose the best shrub trimming service near you.

choosing good shrub

1. Research

To find a good shrub trimming company, you must be willing to do detailed research. There are numerous companies on the web, and you cannot possibly know which one is the best for you. So, you should look up several companies and compare their reviews and testimonials before you choose a particular one. Compare at least three or five companies and look up their history to know their past and reputation.

2. Insurance cover

Make sure all the potential shrub trimming services have appropriate insurance cover. Although shrub trimming is not as complicated as tree trimming, accidents can still occur, and you need to be sure your property will be covered in case of damage. Also, the coverage should protect the professional in case of injuries. Ensure the certificate is not fraudulent by contacting the insurance company and asking for a copy.

3. Better Business Bureau or local tree council

Determine whether the BBB accredits the company you want to work with or if they are members of local trade groups and local tree councils. Although the Better Business Bureau is not as strong as before, its accreditation is an indication that the shrub trimming company is reputable. If the company is a member of any local trade group or tree council, it shows that they value their work and offer professional services.

4. Price

Most people believe that the more expensive a product or service is, the better it is. However, this is not always true because some companies offer high rates when they have workloads to discourage new clients. Also, some companies charge high costs to regain the money they use in advertising and get a good profit on top.

On the other hand, when the price is too low, you may get low-quality services. To get a good price for your job, compare several quotes and choose the most reasonable price. Make sure you get detailed estimates from different providers and make comparisons.

5. Do not hire door-to-door professionals

Most door-to-door professionals are con artists, and you may not get a record of them anywhere, even on the BBB website. Just because a contractor knocks on your door and offers cheap shrub trimming services does not mean you have to hire them. It is better to go a long way than to risk losing your hard-earned money to a scammer.

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